2019 American Athletic Conference & Houston Football Schedule released

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This is actual game dates?

(Patrick) #3

Yes sir. Will find out times if games are picked up for TV (Thursday/Friday games)


(David) #5

Tough finish [feels like the back-end loaded basketball schedule]


@ Tulane on Thursday…boo!


I know! Perfect excuse to make a NOLA trip. Will be tough on a Thur :frowning:

(Jack ) #8

I can’t believe we play Tulane on a Thursday


overall this schedule is good in respect to winning

we get a break or long week before memphis, ucf, and cincy …the likely top 3 heading into the season…navy at the end of the season to better prepare for them…with all of them on Saturday

we also have a good game, bad game rotation so we arent going to be going through multiple weeks of brutality/confidence

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Full American Schedule:

Just some notes:

  • We get two extra days off for the North Texas game as we play Tulane on Thursday night. North Texas plays UTSA on that Saturday.
  • We get one extra day off for the Tulane Thursday nighter since we play Friday night (Wazzu @NRG). Tulane plays Missouri State on that Saturday
  • We get a week off before we play Cincinnati (they play UCF the Friday prior)
  • Both SMU (Temple) & UH (@UCONN) get short-weeks before our Thursday night game here.
  • Tulsa gets a week off before we go there to play them (we play Memphis that week)

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So for all Coog fans who are miserable during Sept Home day gms only one Sept home gm on sch n pretty sure PV A&M will be at night!


non of our good games are on weekday which is super surprising, i would have for sure said memphis, ucf, and cincy would have been weekday games


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Tulane, SMU are both Thursday nite games plus of course the Friday nite gm at NRG against WSU.


but normally all of our good games are on weekdays and our bad games are on saturday on espnnews…this is the reverse of what our schedule has normally been

and we voluntarily move the wazzu game to friday

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@pray10 when possible can u combine this thread w the other that started. We open same time so…

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No black friday game this year. We usually get big TV numbers out of that game.


Hope none of the Saturday home games get moved between now and next season…think that’s happened before. I added the bye’s because I thought they were nicely spaced and should help the team stay fresh.

Date Day of the week Opponent Location
8/31/2019 Saturday Oklahoma Norman, Okla.
9/7/2019 Saturday Prairie View A&M Houston, Texas
9/13/2019 Friday Washington State Houston, Texas
9/19/2019 Thursday Tulane New Orleans, La.
9/28/2019 Saturday North Texas Denton, Texas
10/5/2019 Saturday BYE
10/12/2019 Saturday Cincinnati Houston, Texas
10/19/2019 Saturday UConn East Hartford, Conn.
10/24/2019 Thursday SMU Houston, Texas
11/2/2019 Saturday UCF Orlando, Fla.
11/9/2019 Saturday BYE
11/16/2019 Saturday Memphis Houston, Texas
11/23/2019 Saturday Tulsa Tulsa, Okla.
11/30/2019 Saturday Navy Houston, Texas

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Perfect reason for a long weekend mini vacation.