2019 American Athletic T&F Championships - Wichita - May 10-12 (Men win Conference again!)

(shharper01) #41

Are you aware of many T&F athletes redshirting? Is it a common occurrence?

(Patrick) #42

They’ll do it from to time if they want to save athletes for later. We did it with Barrazza and Burrell to save them for last year in order to make a run at the natty. May be doing it on the women’s side now.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #43

The live video production is bad. I assume it’s Wichita State producing it. Much lower quality than what I’ve seen in the past for AAC Championships

Horrible camera angles… They can’t find a way to put a camera at the finish line? Or within 50 meters of the finish line?

Play by play guy is ok but the color guy is just out of his element. And neither one has the faintest idea of how to pronounce names en Espanol. Especially grating was “Fuh-LEEP” Valencia.

(Patrick) #44

Coogs done for the night. We’ll see about tomorrow. No worries for the men, but the women need some luck.


Was not watching, any reason (injury?) why Obi Igbokwe was a DNF in the 400? Or strategic…conserving for the 200 and the 4x400?

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That’s what I was hoping. Was a little concerned when I saw a DNF as opposed to a DNS. Thanks!

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Matthew Boling has a 44.74 anchor split time to help Strake Jesuit beat DeSoto for the 6A state title in the 4x400.

(Brandon Winter) #50

Any idea why Jefferson hasnt been jumping? His points were huge at the National indoor meet. Was hoping we could get some more points from him at the outdoor national meet as well.

(Patrick) #51

Hoping it’s just to save him for Qualifiers. Both he and McQuirter are currently among the top 40 right now so they may feel they don’t need to use them.

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Great picture here as it looks like Wilson’s and Jordan’s knees are touching:

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Day 3 Live Video:


Good start for last day at AAC Championships… Brendon Rivera (Edinburg Vela HS) finishes 2nd while Colin George gets 5th in the High Jump

(Randy Randel) #59

Picked up 5 additional points from projection.

(Patrick) #60

He may have also snuck in and qualified for the qualifiers.