2019 American Athletic T&F Championships - Wichita - May 10-12 (Men win Conference again!)


Whoa that would be huge

(Patrick) #62

Oof…women probably aren’t going to win today.

4x100, 3rd leg pulls up with what looks like a hamstring injury. Coogs finish 8th.

(Patrick) #63

I also believe that was Tamayo-Garza who pulled her hamstring which means she’s not going to be able to compete in the 100m Final.

(Patrick) #64

(Patrick) #65

Coog men 4x100 win in 39.09 which is a stadium record.


That sucked for the women in that 4x100. Getting 8th with one runner limping her leg shows how strong the team is. Men had a solid run to take it.

(Randy Randel) #67

That wasn’t even our strongest quartet, was it? Second handoff was awesome

(Patrick) #68

I think that’s the quartet we’re going with. Might add Lewis into the mix since he’s been a member of the last few title teams. Hard to tell…coaches tend to mix and match all the time.

(Patrick) #69

Gonzales picks the ladies up a 3rd in the 1500m. Awesome finish for her as the Coogs usually don’t do well in the distance events.

(Patrick) #70


Gonzales had a great run. That was impressive by the Temple runner, you usually dont see a 1500 dominated like that

(Patrick) #72

Definitely. She ended up setting the meet record too.

(Patrick) #73

Freshman Hailey Pollard finished 5th in the discus.

(Patrick) #74

(Patrick) #75

Good lord, Naomi Taylor destroyed everyone in the 100m Hurdles


Has the coverage been this bad all weekend? The one announcer seems like he knows nothing about track and the woman doing the post race interviews is clueless.

(Patrick) #77

Yes. They haven’t been good.

(Patrick) #78

(Patrick) #79

1-2-3 in the 110m Hurdles

Lattin set the AAC record.

(Randy Randel) #80

Broke record he set as freshman