2019 Astros - The Playoffs

I know this has nothing to do with anything in here but I am SO PUMPED. Let’s do this!!!


AMEN! Super-Pumped. This well probably turn out to be as big as Verlander’s hire! Yankees and RSox must be crying in their beer. Love it!

Just think about the teams we have in Houston.

UH Football looks to have some life breathed back into them with the hire of Dana Holgorsen. Our future is very bright here.

UH Basketball is back on the national stage.

The Astros look like World Series favorites this year. And will be playing for a World Series for the next three years, at a minimum.

The Rockets have two MVPs in their prime on the team. And they still have wiggle room to make their team better.

The Texans are the team that continues to disappoint, but we have Deshaun Watson. My sentiment towards the Texans will be different if they can swing a deal for Trent Williams.

All in all, 4 of those 5 teams in Houston are on an upward trajectory. Great time to be a sports fan in this town.


All in and only gave up 1 top 100 prospect.

They also juiced the bullpen w Aaron Sanchez(could start) and Joe Biagini from Toronto & they got “MACHETE” Maldonado back for that spot situation when guys try to steal bases on them.

This blog is awesome:


The only prospect that I would have liked to keep was Beer. The other ones weren’t irreplaceable in my opinion. They had to give up something though.

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The Astros are my favorite team next to the Coogs (football and basketball). This is huge.


Three true “aces” in the starting lineup…GOTTA LUV IT!!!

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If you liked the epic 2017 Dodgers V Astros, can you imagine what the 2019 Dodgers V Astros will be like. In my long life of watching Houston sports, the Crane Astros are by far the best sports franchise.

If you are looking at sports on all levels, Yeoman’s Coogs would be 1, Lewis Coogs would be 2, Crane Astros would be 3.


-Beer #3 prospect-looking solid (over .300 @ A/AA). Better him than #1 & #2 Tucker or Whitley.

-Martin w 5 starts w Astros@ a 6 ERA- out till 2021 w Tommy John.

-They had high hopes for Bukauskas out of NC.He was thought to be “a closer to MLB out of the draft type then most” but mediocre in AA.

-Rojas a lefty & over .300 at AA/AAA but there is zero opening at 2nd or 3d base. He plays outfield but probably not in MLB. (see the dreadful Mets outfield playing infielders)

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The only one that really stung to lose for me was Rojas.
Beer also has a chance to be good

Rojas was expendable…Altuve and Bregman not going anywhere

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Hakeem’s Rockets 3A

Definitely overlooked the Rockets Championships. Nobody else in town has won a Championship in a major sport. Do we want to include Rice baseball national championship? I didn’t think so. We could also include our multiple golf championships but if we are sticking with the bigs, it’s the Rockets #1.

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The Astros’ starting rotation was already scary, led by Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole, not to mention a reformed Wade Miley. Now add Zack Greinke into the mix. You will be hard-pressed to find a scarier rotation in October. Greinke is 35 years old and quite expensive, and it cost the Astros four top-30 prospects. However, Grienke is having his best season since 2015, holding a 2.90 ERA with 135 strikeouts and 21 walks in 146 innings of work.

“The Astros also acquired Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini from the Blue Jays. Biagini has been solid out of the ‘pen, posting a 3.86 ERA with 49 strikeouts in 49 innings. Sanchez has struggled mightily across 23 starts, losing a league-high 14 games with a 6.07 ERA. Moving him to the bullpen, however, may help him turn things around.”

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Love the Greinke pick-up.

Moving this over to the baseball forum though since we also have a Rockets topic in the College Basketball forum.


Incredible pickups, Luhnow is the best GM in baseball, bar none. The Sanchez kid is one I think is going to be huge down the road as well. Get the kid with HoF like Verlander and Greinke and top it off with the best PC in MLB, Brent Strom, and sky is the limit for the young man


He was an All Star & looked headed for stardom in 2016.

Once Brent Strom breaks him down & starts the rebuild he could be a steal.

Sanchez (Arb 3)will be very affordable after getting hurt in 2017 then 2 bad years.


Yes Sir, since '16 has been tough road. This change of scenery could be very interesting. He’s starting tomorrow


I’m hoping that we can turn Sanchez around the same way we did Charlie Morton.