2019 Basketball Tip-Off Dinner is Weds. Nov. 6th (Sold Out)

Anyone have a date for the 2019 Basketball Tip-Off Dinner?

I’m doing some fall scheduling and don’t want to conflict with it (like I did last year).

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I contacted Lauren Sampson via email and she replied promptly–

"The Tip-Off Dinner will be on Wednesday, November 6 this year and we are honoring Reid Gettys!"

"We are also having our 50/50 Club Meet and Greet on Thursday, September 26th at 6PM."


Basketball Tip-Off Dinner Was Great – I really enjoyed it.

Big shout-out to Bo & Josie Smith for inviting me – Thank You!

Reid Gettys was recognized & spoke well. Brought his family. I forgot he was 6’7".

Coach Sampson was his usual funny, sarcastic self as he recognized everyone on the staff and team.

Players were recognized and Coach joked they better not get anything on their suits ('cause they’re going back).

Nate Hinton gave the invocation before dinner.

Saw coogfans posters @EatEmUp & @ZX203 there.

Nice event. Valet parking at the Hilton was a plus. Terrific job by Lauren S and all the staff.


Pez, Jeremy, Reid and Kelvin were all great as expected. It was odd to me that Kelvin had only about half the players stand up and joke with them. Also I didn’t hear him say anything about the guest of honor ??

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