2019 Coaching Carousel (Non-UH)

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Man I wonder how this is going to go for him. He’ll be able to recruit more talented players to UCLA obviously. The biggest question is are they going to want to play defense and rebound. I’m also wondering if he can recruit better offensive players and get them to play defense if he’ll have more success in the tournament


More importantly, who does UC pick up to coach?

(Tom Green) #85

Cronin to UCLA deal done. 6 yrs – 24 mil

(Ben B) #86

Well, that messes with the AAC power structure. But good for Cronin since Cincy was trying to make him take a pay cut.


Going to be interesting to see the response from UCLA fans. I’m sure they were hoping for a much bigger splash than Cronin.


On paper this is an atrocious fit, but honestly, this is a smart move for Cronin. He’s done really well at Cincy by getting them to the tourney 9 straight years, but given that he’s kind of plateaued there and Cincy fans are getting a little restless he could be one bad year away from getting fired. Not bad to get a $24 million preemptive parachute and a chance to get a historical program in fertile recruiting territory back on track. If he bombs there he’d almost certainly be able to get a mid-major gig afterwards.

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Sampsonite is a man of integrity. No way in hay he leaves for any other school after just signing the new contract. This guy is not about the dough ray me.

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I’m not ashamed to admit that this is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. It’s one I can watch over and over and still laugh every time.


Disappointed in Chirs Mullins. One of my favorite NBA players. The Original TMC of the Golden State Warriors…Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullins. What a baller, but couldnt get it done coaching. BTW, the best ballers sometimes are the worst coaches, GMs, etc. Magic, Drexler, Isaiah Thomas, Michael Jordan now Chris Mullins…


Looks like the Bruins’ sports writers are all in on Coach number 4 on the list.


Good get for Cincy if it happens…

(Patrick) #96

Not if you follow some Cincy folks on Twitter. None of them are happy about Martin.

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I think he’d do great there! He took South Carolina to a final four two years ago and thats not an easy place to win at.


That would be a home run for Cincy. They are nuts if they don’t want him. He took Kansas St to the Elite 8 and SC to the Final Four. And he was an assistant previously at Cincy.


The stupidity and arrogance on the internet are entertaining. The SEC isn’t all, that and the AAC is one of the best conferences in college hoops and getting better & better.

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Also to add on what Pray is saying, if he was an assistant at Cincy, maybe their fans know something about him we dont know. As much as the Love Coach Kim Helton was…good guy, none of us want him in any capacity coaching the Football Team…