2019 Coaching Carousel (Non-UH)

(Patrick) #122


Wow, what did I just read? Lol. Basically saying, “now that we are sure tracks were properly covered, back to making strong a$$ offers!”

(VancouverCOOG) #124

So the cheater keeps on cheating…


Correct…remember in the SEC if you ain’t cheating’ you ain’t tryin’

(Ricky ) #126

LSU: “ did you make any calls to potential recruits and offer them money to play here?”

Will Wade: “No”

LSU: “ okay we believe you, you’re reinstated”


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Largest City in Louisiana: Tulane will be penalized for cheating and hiring GSU coach for not “checking with” LSU first…


I thought there was actual audio of this guy making a big offer to some athlete’s mother. If that turns out to be true, I hope the NCAA forces LSU to clean the whole house. But, I know they won’t because LSU is too big of a name. Hopefully it gets resolved in court in the current litigation.


It was reported that FBI wire taps have Wade talking to a bagman about making an offer to Javonte Smart through another 3rd party (probably a handler) and complaining about why the deal was delayed at the time. The bagman was convicted in federal court for wire fraud in the Adidas bribery case.


The trouble is that the NCAA does not DARE to even send anyone to Baton Rouge to “investigate”; they would end up as gator bait! And they know it.

(Munzell Milluns) #131

Wade is back…and open for business.


This honesty not sitting well with UT fans…


Austin University might be looking for a new coach soon. Maybe they’d pay Barnes’ buyout.

(Bryant Hargrave) #134

Id be more annoyed if I was a UCLA fan. You missed on two coaches you wanted, because there school was too cheap for their buyouts.


Look I don’t have any notion of the sanctity of college athletics but Wade being retained is shocking even for somebody as jaundiced as I am. The man is on tape saying what could only be interpreted as being irritated that a very strong cash offer was not taken by a recruit.

At the very least its an NCAA violation. At the middle its tax evasion. At the most its money laundering.

(Thomas) #136

If a school buys out a coaches contract to leave one school to go to another, is there any tax liability by the coach who has his contract bought out?

(Randy ) #137

I’m guessing they write the contracts in a way where the answer is no.

(PMM) #138

Wasn’t that the issue with Herman’s contract. ut wanted UH to assign the contract to them so he could avoid taxes on the buyout amount ($2.5M) that they were paying.

UH told them to take a hike.

(Ricky ) #139


Will Hunter go after this dream job???


My Aggie friends are saying their AD is leaving for LSU.