2019 Coaching Carousel (Non-UH)


So they will look our way for Pez…


Haha. They certainly won’t have internally groomed candidates.

(Ricky ) #144

“Woodward earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from LSU in 1985.”

He gone

(Ben B) #145

Do we think this has to do with the Wade situation?

(Dan) #146

Pez is an alum and his last name is not Briles. I think he will be here a long while.


Yes. Contracts are usually written such that the coac has to pay the buyout and if the money comes from his new employer he is liable for the taxes. This is what kept Dixon at TCU.

(Randy ) #148

Was it the taxes on the $8M buyout paid by UCLA that kept Dixon at TCU or UCLA not wanting to pay the $8M buyout in the first place? I’ve only heard the latter.


What I’ve read said that Dixon wanted UCLA to cover the taxes and they balked at that.


John Beilein leaves Meeeeeeechigan to take the Cleveland Cadavaliers coaching job. Great googly moogly. I didn’t see that one coming.

(Steve O'Keefe) #151

And they’re already gossiping on Twitter about CKS to Michigan. Price of having a great coach


Lmao. So, Michigan is going to pony up $18M to pay UH to get Sampson? Okay.

(Mike Higdon) #153

Come on Pat, you know that’s not true. They will investigate LSU and find out it was Nichols State doing the cheating, they just didn’t know they were. But, I’m sure NSU will be found to be bribing players to go to LSU. NSU may be in for some big suspensions; the death penalty isn’t off the table.


Looks like Michigan is going the non-proven-coach but former alum route by hiring Juwan Howard. Bold move. At least he has some coaching experience as the Miami Heat’s assistant coach.


Hmmm… Yeah, Ill be shock if he does any better than Patrick Ewing or Chris Mulin. (Clyde Drexler)


But look at what Penny is doing…jury still out on him. Guess Howard feel, he should give it a go…Will Webber be on staff??

(Patrick) #157

Penny was a little different as he was coming from high school with a ton of relationships with the players he would be recruiting. I think that’s helping him as he can sort of cover his coaching deficiencies with the talent he’s acquiring.

Howard’s coming from the NBA, as did Ewing, as did Mullin, as did Clyde. Completely different ball game with completely different requirements. Recruiting is so important in college basketball and not having any experience with it from the get go has doomed so many coaches trying to transition. Hell, look at Dunleavy at Tulane or Avery Johnson at Alabama.


For LSU? Surely, you jest! The NCAA won’t even go near Baton Rouge for fear they would end up as gator bait.


I think this is an unnecessarily risky move for Michigan, but there’s also no way he’ll be as bad as Clyde. Clyde didn’t want the responsibilities and had to get talked into taking the job.

(Mike Higdon) #160

Pat, go back and re-read my post and you will see that for LSU transgresions, Nichols State will pay the penalties, of which the death penalty is not off the table.


Mike - my apologies; you are so right - Nichols State is the one who is in trouble! But, what I said about the NCAA staying the “H” out of Baton Rouge is also very true - in my opinion.