2019 is the Year


2017 - Finish 8-3. Win the bowl game.
2018 - Win the American West.
2019 - Senior year of King. Beat OU. Win the NY6.

I have my Cougar Red glasses on after a big win. Future is looking bright with young talent on offense and a proven scheme that can put up 40 points a game.


2018 and 2019 are the years!

(jimmyschofield) #3

It’s looking more and more like UTSA isn’t going to play in the CUSA championship game, so I’m surprised there isn’t any talk of us playing them on that first weekend in Dec to make that game up? Maybe the proceeds could go to the Harvey relief efforts?

(Patrick) #4

UTSA wants a big payday down the line is my guess.


Yes I believe they turned a game at the end of the season down


I like the optimism, but we should be able to win the AAC in 2018 and 2019.

Take this year for an example. If King was healthy to start the season, instead of being 6-3, we could be 7-2 or 8-1 now. We would have been more competitive against TT and I believe we would have beaten Memphis.

The Tulsa loss was just another famous UFO for the Cougars. Unexpected freaking outcomes (UFO) are as common to UH as the flu, meaning we’ll survive, but we typically have one game in a season that we have to suffer an unnecessary loss. In my 55 years of following UH football, I’m grown to expect at least one UFO.

(Jerrycoog) #7

aka the coog it game


Not sure if our defense will be dominant enough to predict a CCG next year. To win it all you have to be great at both. But who knows who develops and who we bring in next year.

All I know is I like where we are headed. Now that we have the right guy under center the sky is the limit.

(jimmyschofield) #10

We better do something next year since it’s going to be Oliver’s last year, and we don’t have a defensive player close to his caliber. Of course Bonner and Dunbar graduate this year and we don’t have a receiver at their level. Guys will have to step up.

(Patrick) #11

WR, LB, secondary, and RG/RT will be the big question marks going into next year.


lark has shown potential, we bring in 3 recievers, stevenson comes back. corbins there too…give me 1 fast grad transfer or touted recruit at WR id feel solid

im not as worried about LB…leroy godfrey, David Anenih, emeke, Amaud Willis-Dalton
…one of them will break out…they can also add muscle…it won’t be a strength but i dont see it as a weakness

our secondary is actually horrible this season but its masked by the fact we only played 2 true passing teams all season.
we graduate 2 starting safeties…looks like we are putting A LOT of trust in wilder and grant stuard who are both injured (and hopefully garret davis stays)…

what really bothers me about next season is the fact that we look horrible on paper at CB but arent bringing in anyone at cb who looks to be a game changer…i get that our entire 2 deep returns but it desperately needs help, a juco or grad transfer cb would bring nothing but joy to me

(Patrick) #13

So much this. Our last coaching staff didn’t address the CB position at all and this one hasn’t yet. We came into this year with CB being a huge hole on defense this year and it looks to be a huge one next year as well.

CMA did mention that they may need to look at bringing in some guys in the postgame yesterday so hopefully they get serious about it.

(Nick K) #14

we recruit many wide recievers not all will play recievers just like isaiah.
i think this may be the overall plan, same with some of the qbs we recruit.


The lack of cornerback talent is a direct result of the last staff. Herman kicked a juco CB off the team, and a couple of 2017 recruits were poached as well.