2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk


Where do you have OUR Coogs, Fort Worth??!




Tech and Culver looking good early against buffalo. 10-2 at 16 mins. I thought this game would be tight, but Buff looks lost.

(Patrick) #287

Liberty leading Virginia Tech at half

(Ricky ) #288

Tech looked good beating buffalo today


Who do y’all have in the UNC v. Auburn matchup? I couldn’t decide on this one, so I have Auburn in one bracket and UNC in the other.


I want UNC. I look at it as this could be 2017 Astros part II. Let’s go through as many brand name basketball programs en route to the title. Leave no doubt. Gresham will lock down Zion btw.


I’m not buying anyone being able to lock down Zion, but we will certainly harass the fire out of Duke if we see them. Same for any of our opponents.



(Patrick) #293

UNC is a better team, but if Auburn gets hot from three, as they have been lately, they’ll win that game.

I think it’s basically a 50-50 toss-up at this point.


Wichita giving indiana everything they can handle…up 9 in the 1st half


spoke to soon Wichita collapsing

(Eric) #296

Pulled it off and looked great.

I’ll be rooting for them for sure. Would be cool if they won it all.


Anyone watching either of the early games tonight? FSU can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

(Eric) #298

Thank you for bringing this thread back.

Let’s talk about something other than rumors for a while please!

Purdue looks legit and Gonzaga is giving it to FSU.

Really though FSU was going to win this game.

(Robert Swearengin) #299

FSU just got hot! Down by only 6

(Dan) #300

What Purdue is doing to Tennessee is just further proof that we can play with and beat Kentucky. Regardless if Vols come back or not.


this purdue tenn game is crazy

(Eric) #303

Holy crap this game is insane!

(Dan) #304

Best 10 minutes of the tournament so far. Craziness.