2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk

(Eric) #305


(Eric) #306

Agree 100%


This Cline guy for Purdue has got ice water in his veins. Fun game to watch.

(Dan) #308

No refs making junk calls, just kids that can’t miss and don’t want to go home.

(sphinx drummond) #309

Comes down to free throw shooting.

(Eric) #310

It’s fun watching good basketball whe. You don’t care who wins.

Although I would prefer Purdue to win


I’m the only one in my family group who picked Purdue, so I’m pulling for them.

(Eric) #312

Refs really trying to help Tennessee into the next round. Two bogus calls in a row


imagine being down 5 in OT for the elite 8 and missing 13 freethrows

(sphinx drummond) #314

Purdue is going to pull it out in OT. Wow, what a game.

(Eric) #315


(Eric) #316

Best game of the tournament so far and it’s not even close.

(sphinx drummond) #317

Rick Barnes has to be dying inside. .


30 missed FTs by both teams. Brutal.

(Eric) #319

Let’s go Purdue!

Down with the SEC!




UCF / Duke was a great game too


Dang it! I step away to give my lil one a bath and put him to bed and miss all that!


That’s what he gets for going to another UT.

(jim) #324

Is it possible that these two teams are not that effective defensively? I didn’t watch the game but 99 points? I can’t see anyone scoring 99 on us.