2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk


it wa alot of crazy shots…alot of almost half court 3s, that went back and forth for a while…and the game wnet into OT


we went from an amazing game to a borng one…

a quarter of the game is played but tech/michigan only have 4 each


Texas Tech and UH in the finals.


This shooting looks like my rec league. 5 mins left in the half and 23 TOTAL points. Jeeez.


Mooney just made a Poole shot!!!

(Eric) #330

Very true, unfortunately I only caught the tail end of that one and felt horrible for UCF

(Eric) #331

Wow this Michigan v Tech game is a snooze fest.


Michigan is horrible. I think Texas Tech will be better served to play Gonzaga

(Munzell Milluns) #333

I don’t want Tech unless there’s no alternative.


UH v. Tech would be a defensive slug fest. Even more so than Tech v. Michigan. I’m not sure either team would get out of the 50s.

(Patrick) #335


War Eagle!

(Eric) #337

Do we have any fan favorites tonight?

Personally I’d love for Duke to get beat just so I can stop hearing about Zion every 5 seconds.

(J V ) #338

Yep…I want the Zion cam shut down.


MSU looking strong over LSU early. 22-14. LSU in Georgia State rebounding mode, need to get much more aggressive if they want to make a game of it.


LSU looks to have survived Michigan State’s first run. They’ll probably chip away until halftime.


I see smatterings of red in the stands.


It just hit me the calibur of teams playing and how Houston is still alive… we have come so far


The coogs are just as good as any of these. If not better.


Auburn seems quicker.