2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk


If this was an ACC game the whistles would start blowing about now.


Auburn looks good


im not even gunna say anything😀


we are playing auburn or we are watching what will be a legendary ncaa game


one of auburn’s best players is really hurt


thats really sad, hope he is ok.


That doesn’t look good. Hopefully not serious but I’d be shocked if it wasn’t. Let’s see how the injury impacts the mental side of the game.

(Eric) #372

That didn’t look good, hope he’s alright.

Really a shame to lose anyone to injury but especially while making a deep run in the tournament.


Lets go Auburn!!!




You could hear him holler for it.


UNC is done


You haven’t watch those cheating SOBs very much. There’s at least one guaranteed five point play coming up.


Down goes UNC?


Auburn has a chance

(Patrick) #380



Turn off the lights the party is over!!!


Love it, blue blood ok.


Auburn gonna be tough to beat they are so quick


Williams played the same guys, all those players and he didn’t sub much.