2019 Non-Cougar Tournament Game talk


but match up perfectly with houston…

we have issues with tall guards. not short guards…auburn stars are short guards

(Eric) #386

Really surprised by Auburn. Thought they just got hit for the SEC tournament but they are still going.
Tough team for sure.


There’s your unified Auburn-Kentucky S-E-C chant


sugar sugar


coogs on court


Our path to our Sixth Final Four is there IF we take care of business!

(sphinx drummond) #391

I think Bruce Pearl is a bit shady but he can motivate a team. He is a good game coach.


Damn. Bruce is crying

Okeke must be done

Here’s your chance, Coogs

(Patrick) #393

(Eric) #394

Va Tech coming out strong

(Cougarpad) #395

If we advance I think we will match up well against Auburn. There is a little bit like us but I think our 3pt defense would be better. I think Auburn’s small guards would have issues guarding Jerreau and Hinton.

(Patrick) #396

(Mike Higdon) #397

When Auburn mud stomped Kansas, I thought they would really be tough and cautioned that UNC would have their hands full. I thought then that they may make a run. We need to take care of business tonight, I’ll worry about Auburn later.

(Eric) #398

That’s very unfortunate.

(Mike Higdon) #399

Unfortunate for sure; just hate to see these kinds of things happen to kids. I wish him a full recovery.


Okeke is a real talent. Praying for a speedy recovery for him.

(Ben B) #401

Never want to see a competitor get hurt. Get well soon young man.

(Eric) #402

Kentucky looking really food vs Auburn early.

Makes me feel better.


I wont feel good until Kentucky lose.


watching this auburn kentuck game is the exact game plan i was hoping we would do on kentucky

herro is too slow, harper is just running by him for layups …he isnt trying to shoot over him like we did