2019 off season training - getting better

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Yup. The bar is the same 4" off the ground for everyone. So shorter guys with longer arms absolutely have a dead lift advantage. lol…of course, those shorter armed guys get the advantage on the bench…it all works out.

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Most of the DL injuries happened after facing Navy… I’ll let everyone else here make their decisions on the impact.

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Go Coogs!

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I’ve been known to wear a Speedo and flex my butt cheeks at cars on the seawall. Not sure how much I was leg curling then. Its been a couple of months.


I had a 133 pound squat just this morning.

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I could never get past 420.

I’d say to my buds, “Hey buds, let’s work out!”

And they’d say, “Duuuude it’s too late, it’s 4:20!”

Hence my body building career ended before it started. I mean I have been building a body in spite of not working out, but its foundation is Taco Bell.


Isn’t their motto “It’s never too late”?


I thought you could get arrested for that! Be careful.


Is your name Sergey Fedosienko? He’s held the world record since 2011 in the 59 Kilo class which is about 130lbs. It is currently at 300kg or about 660lbs so if you ever squatted 650, man that’s world class!

(Timothy Q. Chan) #34

Dude I can squat over 1,000 lb. Just not all at once.

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I checked the records. It looks like I overestimated the weight. I might have been 148 lb weight class, but that still doesn’t check out. I know it was a lot and I have a trophy and medal for whatever it was. Go Coogs!

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From the comments, I assume all of our linemen, within their first and/or second year, should be competing for Olympic weightlifting medals . . . . .

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How do you get to 104 on a bar?

Lots of Double Bubble . . . . .


No worries man. I went to the junior nationals 40 years ago but don’t ask me what lifted because I can’t remember. lol.

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“Once I’m done having fun with it I’ll be done with it”

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New @UHCougarFB coach @Holgorsendana said it’s time to start @DeriqKing_’s Heisman campaign 🏆 let’s get it fam 😤 #GoCoogs pic.twitter.com/PtzPTkttwG

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Me and big bro @Jhill_ontherise had the trap jumping this morning #WeALLEN


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