2019 off season training - getting better

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So why do we allow kids to wear UT shirts and use our practice facility ?


Yes NO UT shirts in OUR facility get ur ass up to Austin!

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Or Memphis for that matter?


For a fleeting moment, I thought to myself…that Timmy guy is really strong.

Good humor.

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You aren’t the only alum noticing:


This is off season training which schools cannot regulate how their athletes workout and when. UH is leaving the IPF available for its athletes use.

I don’t think UH wants to be a jerk and not let other local college guys use it. That would be a public relations nightmare. Some of our players are friends with those guys and probably organized workouts together.

At least D’Eriq can say “Welcome to my house, the best IPF in Texas”.

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I have a different opinion. If the Big12 doesn’t support UH then why would we support anyone from the Big12 ?

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That’s like saying front line employees and management are always on the same page and in agreement.

Like mentioned before, being huge Richards about using the IPF for off season training (especially with the select trainers who maybe football’s AAU version now)generatesre more ill will than positive anything outside of our own egos.

Now if we wanted everyone to have the kids flash some UH gear for pictures Of be cool with that.

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UH athletics should have some slip-on overshirts with “UH” on the front from those who show up wearing another schools ‘T’… Gonna suggest that to Pez. Here’s proof that I’m a man of my word.
“Mr. Pezman. I’m a CP member and have a suggestion for student use of the IPF during off-season times. Recently a photo was posted on the web site Coogfans.com of several area players taking advantage of the facility for work out. One young man in particular stood out in his burp orange ‘t’ shirt with “TEXAS” across his chest. I also believe that there was another player with a Memphis ‘t’ on. I think it’s generous of the university to allow area athletes to work out in the facility. However, in my opinion they should not be promoting another school. My suggestion is that a supply of cheap ‘t’ overshirts (sleeveless pull overs) be on hand for those wishing to work out while wearing another school’s ‘t’. Charge them if they want to take them home. If athletic department funds aren’t available I’m sure a call to clubs/donors to fund a supply would raise the cash. Thanks for your time.”

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Already hearing that the new S&C staff is much better than the previous one. New staff was amazed at how underdeveloped our guys were and already have plans to target deficiencies. Also added stuff like protein shakes and other legal supplements that the previous staff was ignoring.


Roy has good hands. At 6’7 he should get a look playing wr on goal line.

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I’d probably pay close attention to who was in the program last year and how they faired with performance and injuries this year before jumping in to hire based on hype alone.


Music to my ears! Last year’s team would have easily won the west if it hadn’t been for all the injuries. Of course, then we would still have the old staff. Give and take, I suppose.


Great news to hear that they have identified the problems so quickly. Very sad/scary to hear that they didn’t even implement protein shakes and other supplements. Really explains a lot.


Yeah, this makes it sound like last year was more like pizza and beer or whatever.