2019 off season training - getting better

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Seems like a bad situation for our “D” . Guys got little rest on the sidelines because of our fast paced “O” and had significant physical deficiencies . I am truly sorry for our players . Glad the new guys figured it out .

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This explains a lot about last season and our pitiful bowl appearance.

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People keep pointing to that, but the best thing to have is real food and they have great tables of food. The old staff may have just been trying to get them to flat out eat better. It is better to go eat real, whole food, than a protein shake.

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How were they not using Protein shakes? It’s like building muscle 101. What retards did Applewhite hire?

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Herman’s S&C coach’s assistant. Part of the seamless HTownTakeover II strategy.


I agree that nothing beats real food but they need to supplement with protein shakes to reach nutritional demands. I say this because when you cook most meats you lose a lot of nutritional value when cooking it. Unless you’re eating beef rare or medium rare you’re gonna lose most of the proteins you are looking for.

There’s only one way to cook chicken and fish and that is done. With that you typically only get 8 to maybe 10 g of protein. Considering how hard these guys are practicing, training, and playing you would have to eat anywhere from 8 to 10 pieces of chicken or fish a day. That’s just not feasible. You lose a lot of efficiency that way. That’s were you trying to get in as much as you can from food and then supplement with protein shakes where you can get 40 to 50 g of protein a pop.

Also you have to consider that when you’re eating real food you are not going to absorb 100% of what you eat and furthermore the order you eat foods will determine how much you absorb as well. A lot of people will eat their salad or their side 1st and finish with their meat. The problem with that is that when you get to your meat you will not absorb an efficient amount of protein. You can start with your meat but at the same time you’re only going to get so much.

Lastly these guys need to get no less than 80% of their weight in grams of protein. Without that you develop fatigue first and then injury second.

The name of the game is efficiency and that’s where they need to get a balance of both so they can maximize efficiency.


They just need to do what Coach Bishop is doing with the basketball team. I know you need to put on a different kind of mass in football as opposed to basketball, but there’s no denying our basketball guys are super strong and don’t get injured often.


Isn’t Frenchy’s still open?

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1 redshirt freshman safety, 1 JUCO signee, and 2 transfers

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I don’t believe that our players were not in condition and I don’t believe that something less than a first class strength and conditioning program was in place during Applewhites tenure. Those are excuses for getting our butts beaten soundly by a team that cared and out played us. Our team had players that quit because they might get hurt and or it might not look good on their resume. S&C was not the problem. Attitude was the problem.


Attitude was part of the problem but S&C was also an issue. Throw in nutrition as well since the team was instructed to avoid protein shakes as if they would contract herpes. It was a top to bottom issue, but you don’t pay someone this kind of salary to do the same thing as Applewhite.

Ask yourself this, if CDH coached the Coogs last year and Applewhite coached WV in a bowl game versus each other, who would win? My guess is the coach that doesn’t botch everything from protein shakes to hiring a DC that was inebriated every game.

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I’ve talked about this before, but the protein shakes thing is a red herring.


From a nutrition standpoint, I have to believe the team was getting great direction in this area considering there were 3 people on staff solely responsible for nutrition (not the S&C coach). Whether they were drinking shakes or not is not an indicator because they had readily available meals in the training table area (natural protein from meat source would be better if available anyway).

The point is, if you were happy with what was going on from a S&C point of view when Herman was at Houston, then that is the same thing that has been going on under Major because it was just an extension of Yancy McNight’s program (so much so that Rod Grace now at UT). I agree with Bear, S&C was not the issue.


I posted above that both S&C and nutrition were separate issues. I was not implying that the S&C coach was responsible for making sure the players had an adequate diet. Natural protein is the best way for individuals on a regular diet. Not D1 football athletes. Their metabolism is a lot higher at that age, and the vigorous training that they go through requires more than large amounts of food.

Eating a ton of food will just result in more waste and less retention of protein (the building block of muscle growth). Later in the year, a lot of the times players lose muscle mass due to the inability to work out as hard as they did in camp(less time). More time is spent on scouting the next team. In order to keep up with this, players MUST supplement to maintain muscle and strength. If you can’t keep on the mass, you can’t keep up the strength, if you can’t keep up the strength you get your butt ran over.

As far as it being an extension of what Hemorrhoid ran, we might need a couple sources for that info. Even so, McKnight has had issues with his program as well (injuries abound). Also, just because it’s an extension, it doesn’t mean Applewhite and company were running it to perfection, they could have left some things out and could have over-trained certain areas. People prove incompetent with implementing proven methods all of the time.

Again, it’s clear as day that effort was an issue, but to say that just because you can see effort being an issue on the field, then assuming it’s safe to conclude S&C was not, is shortsighted and dismissive. The entire thing was a disaster.

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It is an easy guess that Dana has improved our S&C program.

That does not mean that Applewhite’s was a disaster. But you can always improve things.


You truly think the product on the field wasn’t a disaster?

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This topic is not the on field perfomance