2019 off season training - getting better


Would you say that S&C , and nutrition have nothing to do with on field performance? Good to know uncle Tilman and Pez can release that part of the football staff as they have nothing to do with on field performance. Why even employ such positions?


Yep. Let’s go with that! The absence of protein drinks caused our demise! If only we had our team on the Paleodiet, salt tablets and mass quantities of protein shakes we could have been National Champs!! Another round of urine enhancers for everyone!!!

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None of what you said is true. You can get every bit of the protein you need from natural food and it actually is better because you are getting all the micronutrients that help you absorb and use the protein efficiently.


lol strawman argument peppered with sarcasm how insightful.

None of what I said is true? Wow. EVERYTHING I said is true. I have played football at the college level. lol I literally gave you the run down of why supplements are important for the entire duration of a football season. I"m not making crap up as I go. If you eat a bunch of excess meat and fish(because that’s what it is after a certain point-excessive), you’re going to lose most of the excess protein because your body will not retain it! It will be treated as waste! Protein powders are specifically engineered to be retained. As far as micro-nutrients, you fill those necessities with your primary meal( or the food provided by the nutritional staff).

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You played football, but are obviously not a nutritionist. If you think anything of excess goes to waste it would apply to protein powders as well. No, they are not designed to retained. In fact, “When you get more protein than you need, whether from food or supplements, your kidneys have to work much harder to process all of it.” via WebMD.
But even if extra protein will help athletes’ performance, says Campbell, overdoing it may be a waste of money.

“If you get about 30 grams of protein per meal,” he says, “then you’ve given your body all the protein that it can absorb, digest, and handle to stimulate the maximum amount” of muscle growth.

Isabel Maples, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Washington, DC, recommends that everyone try to get their protein from food. But she recognizes the value of protein supplements for some people.

“I work with a lot of older adults, who may not get enough protein because they’re eating less food or have difficulty chewing or swallowing,” says Maples, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “A protein powder or dry milk may be a good choice for them.”

So do you think our players have unhealthy appetite levels or are old folks? Otherwise, they get what they need from the meals available.


Athletes have to eat at least 2 times their weight in protein order to put on mass. It’s also worth mentioning that not all food is good food either; yes, let’s have them eat 50 steaks a week and develop heart disease before they’re old enough to drink. Coaches want to build lean muscle and that involves skipping the excessive amounts of food creating an environment that’s conducive to protein synthesis. It’s not about how hard your kidneys have to work to process it as much as it NEEDS to be processed, PERIOD.

I really hope you haven’t limited your research to WebMD and someone’s opinion that’s based off of one body type ,and most likely that body type isn’t a D1 football player. We haven’t even factored in body types and the varying metabolic levels between players. Everyone’s metabolic level is different but protein synthesis works the same for everyone.

No I’m not a nutritionist. But I will say that I’ve been a part of a program that incorporated both food and supplements. You’ve also glazed over a key reason protein is supplemented;its to keep up with the inability to work out as hard during the season. I’d love to see a program build up their players based off of eating a ton of food instead of targeting what the body specifically needs to build muscle mass. Oh wait…I forgot…we just did! lol But hey, it’s easier to control metabolic levels that vary between athletes than it is a process in the body that’s the same for everyone( sarcasm-my best @Bear1132017 impersonation).

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I was a biochemistry student before I then graduated with BS in Kinesiology. My research and knowledge are much more thorough than yours. That’s why you keep stating gym myths that people claim. Even professional body builders that win Mr. Olympia don’t eat twice their body weight in protein to gain mass. The rule they use is one gram to one pound they are much bigger and have to put on more than D1 athletes.
You may want step of your podium since you are no expert.

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here’s where we need @pray10 to insert some more pics, video to throw off this fine mediation.


lol What does a P.E. degree have to do with reasons for choosing protein synthesis as a basis to create success as opposed to gluttony? Stop it. Was your research directly applicable to refuting proven support methods of D1 strength training? I doubt it. Before transferring into UH I played safety at Hardin-Simmons and I couldn’t gain weight to save my life. I ate so much BS that it made me sick. Then staff told me I needed to supplement my workouts with protein powder (I was burning through it all; steak, potatoes, you name it). I went from 150 to 180 from the Spring of my freshman year to the Fall. I also retained the weight(lean muscle might I add) by the end of the season. This method is proven. Looks like we’re dominating the discussion. We can agree to disagree or we can PM to argue more. It’s your call friend.

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Wow. You really have no idea what kinesiology is do you? On top of that you just ignore the fact I was biochemistry before that. You are getting on dangerous ground to looking particularly ignorant, stupid, and/or delusional.
As for dominating the discussion the only one doing that here is me. You keep using “I played a sport sport for some small college so I know how cellular biology works.”
Great. I played baseball and have been in the amateur world series. I played sport much longer than you since I was doing it up until five months ago and am 40. Also, I actually have a certificate that says I can train people. Plus a bachelor of science in the study of the human body and performance. I even referenced sources and corrected you on your “two time” body weight comment… but somehow you’re right. Ah, in your own mind. Have fun with that.

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You can always tell a muscle head…
You just can’t tell em much. We must be careful to avoid triggering the roid rage phenomenon, or maybe that’s a gym myth too.



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I went with the protein shake. Seemed more appropriate!


Lol Im trying to keep it civil with you mr. Baseball guy. You insist on keeping this going huh? You keep ignoring the context of an entire football season. What does cellular biology say about the window in which just eating large amounts of food doesnt work on certain metabolisms? Trained any D1 football players? Are you currently employed by any college and responsible for their success? I highly doubt it. See what we have here is a Paul Finebaum trying to comment on what he thinks he knows. I think you need to become more involved before making assumptions…because thats what it is…assumptions, with zero experience. Lastly, when i said dominating the conversation, i was refering to allowing others a chance to comment; you became so intrenched in your baseball accolades on a football post you missed more CONTEXT.

@Bear1132017 lol Nice try. Not a muscle head. Please dont talk about being triggerd when you find every tiny window to bring up your disappointment in Ed. You know exactly what group of people you sound like…the guys in college station. But hey, pile on.


Admittedly you do make it easy to pile on. There is no correlation in my disappointment in Ed and protein shakes. To the contrary, he was quite a player when he wanted to play. Take an extra shot of createne with that next shake!

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