2019 Seniors (and one junior) post-UH news

Davis in Detroit.


Corey weighs more than the 6’6’ UNLV guard :slight_smile:

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Alan Bishop effect


2nd ‘19 grad to release a clothing line

galen got his 1st nba workout with the spurs today


Nice. I hope he gets drafted.

corey had the lakers 3 days ago


galen just twitted thanking the spurs again… the way he worded it, it didnt seem like it was just thanking them for the workout …
i wouldnt be surprised if they offered him a g-league or summer league spot


Or getting drafted in the 2nd rd by dem :pray:

I hate to be that guy as I know we are supposed to wish the best for fellow Coogs , but I’ll bet my house Galen is not drafted.


Yeah. I can’t fathom Galen getting drafted. He could get a shot in summer league though.


But… But… @shaggylives says he has an improved jump shot lolololol

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Somehow I don’t feel comfortable making fun of a player that was literally the heart of this rebuilding over the past 4 years, Progs.

He drives, he dives, he makes FT’s, the occasional 3, the steals, and the leadership on court. HE will play pro, perhaps overseas, but he will play. There are less talented Coogs playing overseas.


Not sure if going overseas is part of his future plans. I think he will be ok if he enters the business world if couple years in G-League don’t work out. I totally agree on not bashing current or very recent player. But Progs do progs and gets away w it. Myself, I would have got my warning already. #Priviledges

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It’s not always about getting drafted guys. It’s about getting looks. Rob wasn’t drafted but was immediately invited to the summer league. He didn’t get much of an opportunity but he signed up in the G league. That pays $7k a month minimum for continuing to play a game while getting more looks for possible pro league contracts. If these workouts results in a couple of years in the G league and nothing more for Robinson, at the very least it gives him a chance to expand the exposure of his new business while also giving him a supplementary income while he grows that business.


He does have an improved jump shot. Not real sure how it is funny that one of our hardest workers drastically improved his game.
He may not get drafted or make a roster but his dedication, intelligence and work ethic may get him a camp invite.


I think Galen has a future in the coaching game if he wanted. His ceiling as a player is limited. He might latch on in a lower level European league somewhere, but making the League or even the G League is a big ask.

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Yeah this is one of the weirder Progs points. No one’s confusing Galen with Steph Curry anytime soon, but his ability to hit open 3’s and keep defenses honest was drastically better this year and his hard work improving his shot paid off.

Probably right. Just pointing out tha as usual progs humor and interpretationis quite bit off.

I’m intrigued by Galen in the Spurs system. He has tools, just needs to develop some kind of consistent jump shot. If anyone can get the most out of him, it would be the Spurs.

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