2019 Seniors post-UH news


Damn, that’s right! That’s a long ways from it.

(Mike Higdon) #22

I don’t care where Corey ends up playing if he can get a gig in the NBA. I would be very happy for the young man and wish him a great career. Sure, it would be nice if he went to the Rockets; but to be honest, I don’t follow pro basketball at all and only want the Rockets to win because they are in Houston.


I appreciate your honesty, but you are missing a great team in the Rockets. Please watch the Rockets Warriors Series, it will get you hooked!!!

(Tom Green) #24

There are many like him that don’t follow or like the NBA game. Has nothing to do w how good Rockets or Warriors are. Just a different game in lot of ways and I know several who are like him in not following NBA but avid College hoop fans. Respect both.

(Patrick) #25

Terry’s a good comparison


Yes Sir, was a huge fan of Jason Terry…I hope Cory Davis play as long as Terry as well…

(Patrick) #27

More info about this Combine:

The Professional Basketball Combine is a secondary draft combine designed to give players an opportunity to showcase their talents in hopes of being selected to play professional basketball. Each player who attends has the opportunity to participate in private workouts and scrimmages, do combine testing, and interview for NBA GMs, NBA scouts, G-League personnel and overseas opportunities in what could be a life changing experience. ​

​Our objective is to provide an opportunity for players to make the most informed decision about their basketball future while receiving exposure to decision makers in professional basketball.

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There’s some buzz on Twitter about Corey’s play in a non-NBA combine. Apparently he’s turning some heads.


Undrafted Free agent to the Rockets I’m hoping :pray: I think he would make a better pro than Gray.

(Patrick) #33

Very possible. You have to play defense in the NBA or you won’t see the court. Corey is a solid defensive player; Gray, not so much. If Gray works on his defense and becomes serviceable, he may make it…he did not do well on defense in the G League last season.


It’s not surprising that Corey is dominating the Professional Basketball Combine. The other players there are nowhere near his level. Corey deserved an invite to the actual NBA Combine, and he’s a niche NBA player who would be a good fit on certain teams (Rockets, 76ers, Lakers, Mavericks come to mind).

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