2019 Spring Practice Day Sights and Sounds

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This is great material. Thank you for sharing. Do yall get the feeling that Holgs knows what he is doing and his expectation is to win everygame? what a difference in coaching?

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Got our first Redbull sighting! That is hilarious!

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Anyone know the scoop of why they decided to rip up one of the practice fields? Sounds strange and rather costly, huh?

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To have a grass field to practice on.

(Patrick) #10

Major wanted 2 grass fields and 2 turf fields to practice on so he had one of the turf fields outside ripped up when in the IPF was built.

CDH wants two outdoor turf fields because we play most of our games on turf.


Thank you for sharing Patrick. Maybe it’s my biased U of H glasses, but they physically look better. Their physique, stature, etc. Looks like our S&C coach is legit.

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So are we putting the synthetic field back in place?

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Good.seemed like a much better presentation with the artifical.
Most programs use synthetic surface and we do not want to split up the practices and the team AND have to go inside every time we want to use an artificial surface.

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I noticed the same thing. Look older,stronger.


They are definitely older. I’ll reserve judgment on the stronger.


Let’s go win some games.