2020-21 32×32: American Conference Preview


Wow! This is a big deal for UCF.

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I disagree with his assessment of the conference weakening with the loss of UConn. Good grief…when were they ever threatening consistently in recent years?

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UConn is a brand name that most causal fans and writers know so that’s where that comes from. The frustrating thing about the coverage or lack thereof of AAC bball is most outlets don’t really study the league close enough. UConn would never be dominant in the AAC because they couldn’t recruit at the same level and there fans looked down on the league.

I’m not sure about that.

I think they’ve just made some bad hires since Jim Calhoun left. (Well, jury’s still out on Hurley).

They’ve won four championships in the last 20 years, two in the last decade.

I’d agree that their fans probably didn’t like the league, but a good coach can recruit to UConn.

Hurley gave an interview where he stated the last year or so he has been able to sell the big east to recruits which has really helped. He was recruiting well in the AAC but now they are back to recruiting high 4 and 5 stars again.

Rothstein is the only national guy I will read when it comes to AAC hoops. He’s pretty locked in to what is happening in real time here.

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