2020-21 Rotation

Now that we have our team!

Here is mine!

PG Sasser - Shead
2G Grimes - Mills - Tyson
3G Jarreau - Mark
F Gorham - Chaney - Roberts
C Gresham - Powell


There are so many options and variations, I haven’t a clue as to how it will eventually shake out. No telling how each has improved over the long layoff.

How do you game plan defensively against that lineup? It’s incredible.

I know the minutes will average out over the haul of the season…but Mills has earned starter designation…but I have no idea at the expense of who, though.

Wow! First rate program problems! Too much talent to figure it out. How far we’ve come!

All of these guys can/will play, I think. If we get to play that is. A legit 12-man rotation is very rare.

PG Jarreau - Sasser - Shead
2G Grimes - Tyson
3G Mills - Mark
F Gorham - Chaney - Roberts
C Gresham - Powell


I agree with CMCoog17, but I can also see some 4 guard lineups with Jarreau along with Sasser, Grimes and Mark/Mills if they can all hit the 3 ball at ~35+% and rebound and defend. And then I can also see Shead subbing in at times for Jarreau to dribble penetrate and dish it out for the 3 ball.

I think that spreading the floor and spacing will play an integral part in our game strategy. It will be interesting to see how well the new guys (Mark, Shead, Tyson & Roberts) shoot the 3 ball at this level.


I wonder if they will redshirt Shead since guard mins will be hard to come by. Will Tyson get many mins?

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Don’t know about Tyson, but from watching Shead’s HS film, he may be one of our best ball handlers, press breakers, dribble penetrators and on-the-ball defenders. So I kind of doubt they would want to have him take a red-shirt season and run the risk of a possible transfer. [Reportedly: Shead is Galen Robinson Jr. 2.0 with an outside shot. If true, we could sure use some of that.]


Tramon Mark will be starting at some point year one. He is too good to ride the pine. IMO Gorham would need to be a much better player to warrant a ton of PT no matter how thin UH is at the position. I think Powell sees more minutes than Gorham as well.


Not sure it really makes sense to do a depth chart based on the way minutes work but I’d guess this is our 9 man rotation by conference play.

Chaney (assuming he gets a waiver)

I’m definitely not fully counting out Roberts or Tyson or even Shead, but Shead seems to have the toughest path to get minutes.

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Shead needs to actually tighten his handle and develop a left hand. I saw him in person a few times and he very right dominant.

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Agree, but I swap Grimes and Mills.

Whether he redshirts will probably ultimately be his choice but if he’s not going to play much (which seems very possible) it would seem smart to preserve a year of eligibility rather than just get some garbage time minutes here and there.

the rotation will be hard to guess becuase it depends on the development of everyone especially at the 3pt line

sampson prioritizes defense and rebounding first and foremost…but sampsons offense is based around 3pt shooting and in his words “at the end of the day the game is about who can score more points”

imo this line up will be the “entering the season” starters- sasser, dejon and grimes, gorham and greshman based on years in the system and ability to defend and rebound…but 3pt% is vtlal for this lineup.if we pull out a 2-20 from 3 games like we did versus oregon last season, this line up will switch up real quick

tyson’s minutes is completely dependant on that too, if the others cant shoot tyson will get plenty of minutes (106 made 3s on 43%), if they can shoot, the need for him with his lack of defense/rebounding will not be there, specifically for next year

3pt percentage will also be key if the 4 guard lineup is to be possible…dejon and grimes are likely to be the ones defended by bigs if we do that…there is no big in the nation that can guard dejon on the perimeter…the question will be do they respect his 3pt shot enough to defend him at the perimeter

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Mark has the ability to start but if Jarreau and Grimes don’t disappoint they will be in there. We know what Mills can do and Sasser has an advantage because of how he defends.

I do like the sound of Jarreau, Grimes and Mark together. Then in a 4G lineup takes your pick from Sasser, Mills Tyson or Shead.

How ridiculous is it that we lose our heart player after his Sophomore season in Hinton, have our Sr leader and top post player in White go down with an injury and we are still talking about one of the deepest teams in America and a clear favorite to win the conference.


If we play 4 guards, there’s a 0% chance teams will play man to man. They’ll go zone and spread more towards the perimeter maybe leaving one big hanging back to protect the rim. Our perimeter passing will need to be on point to get inside. It will be super interesting to see what CKS game plan will be.

With 7 quality guards it would be nice to try upping the tempo and trying to speed up the game and open the court. But that is not the style Kelvin likes so I do not see us utilizing much full court pressing. What that does is tire out a big team however.


I have been waiting for a good full court press since Guy retired.
But honestly it is hard to press in today’s game because everyone has good ball handlers and speed.
But with our depth at guard I would think we could slip a half court press in every once in a while

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Right. It’s too easy to break a press nowadays. Shaka had a great press/trapping scheme at VCU. He also recruited players specifically to fit that system. Long and athletic are the best two attributes to have.

We wear teams out in a different way with intense halfcourt defense and relentlessly attacking the glass.

How 'bout this?

PG Grimes - Sasser - Shead
2G Mills - Tyson
3G Jarreau - Mark
F Gorham - Chaney - Roberts
C Gresham - Powell

In my view, having Grimes, Mills, and Jarreau gives us the best possible scoring productivity in the backcourt, with Sasser, Tyson, and Mark also getting significant playing time.


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