2020-21 Team Offseason Workout Thread

I think it’ll be helpful to keep a dedicated thread to the team’s workouts and progress during this offseason, especially when Coach Bishop starts posting videos from the weightroom.

Good to see our recent alums coming back to work with our current players. I know Corey Davis is also in town right now, so wouldn’t be surprised to see him join as well.


I thought Bishop was limiting workouts to three at a time?

In the weightroom, yes, but the players are going to find ways to connect with other high level players to play pickup, even if it’s not happening in our facility.

Seems like a pointless exercise to limit numbers in the weight room then.

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Yes, the past team leaders are still leading. Good to see it.

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I salute you for your tweet. I know you and I and everyone should praise these ALUMS for lending their time that will benefit their home.

I like that Rob called out Mills and Sasser for not being there

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Why? Tyson isnt there either, stuck in WA bc of Covid. Probably same can be said for the others.

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It wasn’t a real call out lol. He was basically talking trash.


Caleb is back today.

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I have seen Rob Gray running the neighborhood I live in our in Cypress. I was riding my bicycle back from Hempstead and saw his hair cut running towards me and thought that must be rob gray. I shouted out ‘rob gray go coogs’ and he threw up the coog sign.

Saw him running again yesterday and thought it would not be kosher to just yell go coogs at him every time I see him running.


that’s funny. but it might give him something to talk about with this friends

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Glad to have Caleb back with the team. Now one piece to go with Tyson.

It’s all pointless as when they are away they are, like others, not distancing anyway most of the time.

If you can stay home, stay home. Not worth it

Not exactly workout related, but looks to be a scheduled team activity today.

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Kiyron Powell at least 1 inch taller than Brison. Could easily tell from the George Floyd memorial video with coach sampson and the team

Powell’s looking like he’ll be getting major minutes this year if the roster stays the same. He seems like a smart and determined kid, and I’m excited to see him grow and contribute. His skillset should allow him to play either big spot.

Yea CKS said in one of his interviews Powell has to play right away. Powell and Grimes represent the ceiling of the season to me. If they play well I think that raise the ceiling of what’s possible.

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Grimes and Powell? I think both will handle their business respectively.

I’m looking for Gresham to be a junk yard dog/defensive terror and Gorham to step up huge for us on both ends.

I think Gorham is the key to our front court.

We’ll need him to stretch the floor offensively and crash boards on both ends.


We will have…
Sasser raining in threes.
Mills breaking down the D and scoring from all angles
Grimes making some tough NBA level shots
Jarrau getting inside the D to create and finish
Shead getting his feet wet with some dazzling dishes here and there
Tyson spreading the court and dropping threes out to 25 ft.
Mark bursting on the scenes for AAC Freshman of the year honors.
Gorham showing off the occasional post shot to go with a strong mid range game and three point shot.
Roberts playing the role of Cedric Maxwell on offense looking to clean up the trash.
Gresham climbing the offensive boards for putbacks and kickouts to go with some over the rim flushes
Finally Powell will be developing and showing a glimpse of his athletic ability and mid range game.

Everyone will play defense and swarm to the boards like the worker bees protecting their hive.

There is no one key to winning.


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