2020-21 Team Offseason Workout Thread

I’m still trying to understand what he meant too.

The elevation and power was impressive as hell to me. That kid is getting primed (push push) like my old school lawn mower. He’s ready to go!!

Didn’t know the young guy had it in him.

As a person who had been in school for physical therapy and personal training I notice certain aspects like the ROM of the shoulder joints. The ability to bring that arm back as far as he did is not normal.


RE Russell’s post…



If you look at the updated roster now Powell is listed at 6’8, Fabian 6’8 and Roberts is 6’7.

I thought Mills was 6-5 now.

Believing these roster numbers is like being asked to believe the Covid numbers !!!

No thanks !!


The athletic article says 6 foot 4…

The 6 foot 5 is not for Mills.

Jarreu is 6 foot 6 no shoes.
Mark and Grimes is 6 foot 5


No way Powell is only 6-8 with shoes lol

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Powell is barely taller than Gresham… Harris who was “6’10” towered the rest of the team … I knew Powell wasn’t 6’10 when the pictures of him next to the other players Came out lol

It’s like a yearly tradition here, some big comes at some overstated height, off-season workout stuff is posted… “is it me or does said player not look close to stated height”… someone: “you can’t judge by the pictures”… a few weeks before the season their heights/weight are adjusted

I think they just use recruit service listing till the end of summer (after they’ve had time with bishop) and then list their post bishop/summer measurements As the final for that year

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In the history of basketball this has been done especially in NBA. Vernon Maxwell and Kenny Smith were noticeably shorter than me at 6’3 which was their listed heights. I worked for the Rockets back then and can tell you most of the NBA posted heights on rosters were overstated.

I only care how tall they play !!!

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And boy did Harris play tall last year!!


Not just a UH thing. Heights are typically exaggerated a couple inches.

Dream was 6’10 listed at 7.
Barkley was 6’’4 listed at 6’6

The list goes on and on

Saying that I don’t are that much about the heights are. What I see on the court doesn’t lie.
I like when I hear they have grown because that should help what I have seen, like with Mills

Powell also looks like he could still be growing and might gain an inch or two while he is here.


Bubble drill time


Culture. A thing of beauty!

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Powell appears to still have some growing left to do.

Isn’t it today, when the NCAA is to announce what is 1st day Teams can start their season.

Just ferocious on those boards…

Nov 25 was just announced

Next question is what % of arena capacity are they going to allow ??

@ the FC.

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