2020 bracketology

So, they might be a 3 seed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No they’ll be seated at Home.

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Never say never.

They should be on probation… but they are not !!

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NC need to join the Big10 to get in this year.


I think we should be a 5 seed, but they didn’t ask me!

I love how the conference tournament is in Dickey arena away from Memphis now


Just win out lol

Tickets are “already” available

I’m planning on going Friday to Sunday (assuming we’re in the finals). I don’t want all-tourney tickets. Does anyone know when individual tickets will be available?

To be honest I’m not sure ind tiks will be Sold. Usually for these Tourney’s it’s session pass only. Actually looking into it rt now trying to decide if we are going.

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We wont be playing Thursday anyway. I would expect them to release day pass tickets closer to the tournament, but they probably wont be worth it if you are going multiple days.

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I’m going to wait to see if the fans from the eliminated team sell them on third party ticket site.

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I went ahead and bought the all session tickets from our box office. Sure, they were $200 each but I quit worrying about it as soon as I did it. Plus, I really want to sit amongst UH fans, rather than risk being around some of the more obnoxious fans like those from smu or Memphis.

On a side note, I have all faith in Sampson and the team to make it to the final, but my years in Cougar Brass prepared me to find a few other points of interest in Fort Worth, ya know… just in case.

Edit: Holding strong at #7. Not bad putting everything into play. Can still get to a #5 seed by finishing 4-1 n win 1-2 Conf Tourney gms. #4 seed is the ceiling if 4-1 finish , plus Tourney CShip.


no way we are a 4 seed at 4-1 …no way we are a 4seed even if finish undefeated…(memphis x2 and cincy dont carry the weight to jump us 12-16 spots in just 5 games, especially if you are saying we lose one to them)

our ceiling is a 5seed, and that’s if we finish undefeated…4-1 and AAC ship likely lands us a 6 seed

also because our conference tournament is so late it has almost no affect on our seeding…the aac championship finishes 1 hour before the bracket reveal…cincys biggest win of the year in respect to opponent and location was houston in the aac championship …they also comfortably won…it had zero affect on their seeding …it likely they decide before our championship

it was heavily discussed on social medai last year

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Ok ok didnt mean to get you all loose :grin:. So i was off by 1 seed. And just for discussion the Net Rating is just a part of what goes into the Seeding process. Last year Net Ranking had Coogs very high as in good and other metrics were lower. They ended up being seeded in the middle of such metrics. I have no problem w most of your explanations. Sorry I was off a seed.

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I have no idea why we’re one of the last conferences to play their championship game. Our teams will enter the big tournament with less rest than teams from other conferences.


wasnt coming at you btw…just wasnt seeing a 4 seed…sorry if it came off that way


I think it’s for TV exposure n where they can fit in the best.


It’s np at all Mr Pesik. As a long time basketball fan , I value your basketball knowledge and how you keep up with it all. Small disagreements are ok most times, this case i thk we are on same page. #GoCoogs

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