2020 Football Season Ticket Renewals Start Now!

Football season tickets renewal starts today.

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Boomer is having problems, grrrrr.

It is really hard to navigate this year. Although the basketball season ticket renewal is not available, it has the cougar pride donation for that listed in your cart. Also, your renewal includes last year’s unrestricted donation plus 10% listed as well.
You can remove the BB CP and the 110% figure manually from your cart, but at this time, the only way to remove the unrestricted donation is to call CP directly.

CP was extremely helpful in getting my account cleared and I was led to believe they might be making some changes in the process going forward.

Hope this helps.

After a down year…you betcha price increases!, love the ticket office.


Not going to renew football season tickets will keep basketball season tickets.


Just cause we did not win does not mean we don’t have to pay the coaches.