2020 offers

Now you crossed the line!! Report spill on aisle 4 please, spill on aisle 4 please! :joy::joy:

All seriousness we a top grad transfer 3 pt shooter from being in pre-season top15 again!
Go find us one Progs.

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Aku…please. That would be awesome…beyond awesome really.


Cryer to Baylor

I wonder where Peavy going to end up

Sounds like Tech is the leader for Peavy right now.

There’s an old video of 8th grade Micah Peavy saying he wants to go to UT and no surprise UT is the offer he has pinned on his Twitter now. Then again who knows ?

Maybe the only reason he hasn’t committed to UT is because Shaka is on the Hot Seat.

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That cryer one hurts a little. Smh


It sounds like all the chips are falling now.

These kids communicate. They all have an idea what’s going on with each other. I never had a great feeling that Cryer was coming here.

Damn. That Baylor program is as sinister as they get. Peavy? I don’t have a good feeling we’ll be his choice either. I’m really just hoping for Grimes and/or a recruiting pick up of Aku. I would be happy with either.

I hate Baylor. Yea, I think they’re evil.


Why not both Grimes & Aku. Grimes for 2019 and Aku for 2020.

Have we even offered Aku? If not why haven’t we? I see Baylor just did, I don’t see an offer from us on 247 sports

we’ve offered him months ago…he has had 2 different visits here

Oh ok, I don’t see an offer on the 247 sports timeline but I’m glad we did

If we can land Aku this would be the best basketball recruiting class in a while at UH. Better than Dickey’s 2012. Valentine Izundu was no where near a top 100 prospect.

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Izundu was a head case here…but had he played for Sampson I think he could have developed into a defensive wizard…he was every bit as talented as Harris, maybe more…once again Dickey and his staff could recruit, but had little if any skills when it came to developing players…

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Izundu definitely had that capability…ended up being one of the best shot-blockers in the nation…very Chris Harris like as a player even after he left UH. I think Harris has more potential and will do more than Izundu ended up doing.


Not positive, but wasn’t Harris an agy commit at one time?

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Yes. Harris was an Ag recruit in high school