2020 offers


anyone thats bored any just want to watch some hoops…nike eyble is streaming this year (aau)

houston hoops:
tramon mark
lj cryer
fathertree (top 2021 prospect)
4 other players who have houston offers

vs pro skills:
micah peavy

i believe most of our coaches are here

it is court 4…game starts in 5mins…


cryer not playing…injured…could help mark with rankings since he will be carrying more of the load

(Butch) #64

Any idea of the numbers of the kids we are recruiting? Is the Griggs kid from Hightower on the Houston squad?


9 on the roster for houston hoops, 5 have offers, we will almost certainly offer a 6th (a 2021 expected to blow up)

i belive griggs isnt playing 17u aau yet (he is still a HS freshmen)…i believe he is 16u with team harden

(Butch) #66

I knew Griggs was just a freshman, but didn’t know he would be in 16U…he is a special point guard and I would love to get out and see him play. Covered his brother when he was at Brazosport and knew his dad Robert…

(Butch) #67

What number is Tramon wearing tonight


i believe 4, the game is over now…but its obviouis who he was, the extremely tall guard


the game just ended…likely will not watch another live aau game again but

a few notes:

micah peavy is GOOD.like really really GOOD…he would be a starter as a true freshamn good if we got him

there isnt a part of his game that isnt great except ball handling and that is meaningless as when guards are on him he just backs them down (he is very smart), and his handles are good enough to blow by bigs, and he has elite athleticism…elite on offense and defense

mark could be aac all-conference by his junior year but will need work coming him, didnt have a great game but peavy had alot to do with that…3 fgs all game, none were with peavy on him…

mark’s handles for his size are flat elite . but mark has a very odd shooting motion, and for this specific game it never went in on like 9 attempts (longer than a layup)…could have just been a bad game…will need some developing and weight gain before primetime


He may be a straight out of HS to the NBA, Butch, since the '22 class will be the first class allowed to enter out of HS. Briggs, I’m talking about.


Cryer seems to be always injured during the AAU season.


Beekman vs Jamal Shead on right now


Link ??? Top 2 targets at pg imho


https://www.d1circuit.com/news_article/show/1016130 - court 9



Cryer and Shead are probably nice in their own way, but mannnnn… Beekman is friggin’ nice… A Mills & Beekman backcourt in '20 if Jarreau does declare… Would be a wet dream.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #77

Referring to HS boy athletes as wet dreams.

Maybe you can find a different expression to use?


Peavy opened his recruitment back up today


Was he committed somewhere? Lol. What does this even mean?


He trimmed the list to 5 but not he is open to all offers again.


Peavy will not be a Coog. We shouldn’t even worry about him.


he had a finalist of 5, which we made earlier …but after looking pretty amazing in the 1st 2 games, he looks to be likely getting a ton of offers…

before it was im close to commiting to one of these 5…to now…you can recruit me im willing to give everyone a chance