2020 offers


we were top 3 for him, and lsu was one of the other 3…and they are scandal central right now…

id put michigan the favorite …and us at #2… i wouldnt say we have no chance


I think once Mark a Sf committed to us, I think UH moved away.


Oh you sick man…


Completely disagree, the do completely different things

0% chance we’d “move on” from a top 40 recruit we are top 3 for… none
Peavy and cryer are the 2 recruits I don’t think limits will matter for…higher chance of “players transferring” than us stopping recruiting them


Okay… I think there is 0% Peavy comes to UH. Cryer… 15% imho

Shead… 50%
Beekman 33%


you have personally championed beekman, im not sure why him specifically…but you have…is there any reason besides your love/hype for beekman that you are giving him 33%

his visit 6 months ago when he was lesser known, anything recent? (the answer is none)…id put beekman at 5% …Virginia and Marquette are the overwhelming favorites

peavy follows half our roster and all our recruits on twitter, close friends with mark…
we have a drastically better chance at peavy than beekman…
id give peavy a 15-20% chance

we are the favorites for shead as of right now

and cryer at 35% …it us, Purdue and LSU as the current top 3…for a houston kid…


Cus of twitter… Oh boy. Lol.


yes, and articles…

247 scout “you can always tell where they are favoring through their social media activities”

obviously it changes as they change their mmind…but its obvious to see who they are favoring at that moment through socials …

if you are final 3 for a recruit.and he follows everyone from just 1 team, and likes tons of posts from that 1 school…its not rocket science

so yes “cus twitter”

(Munzell Milluns) #91

I would be so happy to see Peavy here. But someone is obviously bending his ear. Someone close to him. Maybe just a parent.


Let me educate you my friend, you’re the same guy who said Sasser was most likely going to SMU, when I told you UH, due to his recent interviews :joy::joy::joy:

As far as Beekman goes, UH as a realistic shot… He recently gave an interview with Rivals liked a week and a half ago, that’s how I know you’re full of BS :joy::joy::joy:

He speak highly of our program and coaches… GOing by his interview, I would say Virginia & UH could be the front runners. What does he being a lesser known got to do with anything lol… Just look at Hinton & Mills recruitment if you even know, they both went from unknowns to 4 star knowns. Lol. UH coaching staff was there before they blew up just liked Beekman. I got receipts :joy::joy::joy:


3 months before sasser commit…I said we are in his top 3…i’m the on who listed we were top
or him and i also posted an article…in that article he said he really loved smu… at that time…he was clearly favoring smu…you based you answer of the article i posted

1 month before he committed…no articles being made, he randomly started following every UH commit and liking every UH twitter post…A FULL MONTH before he committed i said he would commit to UH

you are priding yourself for guessing something with no evidence …if i said 5 month ago precious achiuwa was favoring uconn. that is a FACT!! there were 8 crystal balls saying he favored uconn at that time (100%)… he isnt favoring them anymore …all because he changed his mind doesnt they were inaccurate 5 months ago

–second point…you screen shotted the article instead of posting the link because it WASNT a week and a half ago …that article was from the 6th of April…today is the 28th…that proves youre full of bs for trying to change the date of the article

and how about adding context?? that interviewers asked him about his visit and how they went, not his favorites …so he talked about his visit to UH in September

but back to point: let give you some context you might be missing…he is from Milwaukee and that’s where most of his family is and only in LA for basketball, he also chose to play for the local Milwaukee aau team (phenom u) over any LA or Texas team…Marquette is in Milwaukee
100% of his 247 projections are Marquette and Virginia

he s 70% Virginia, 25% Marquette, 5 %UH if i had to guess


Where are the grammar and typo police when you need one. You two make my eyes hurt.

I have to admit ya’ll are entertaining though.


You mean *y’all :joy::joy::joy:

What school did u go to lol

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Well he could have used “dis”. :flushed::grin::roll_eyes:

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You two should start your own Recruiting forum and act like you always arguing w ea other for more entertainment value. Oh never mind you that here for free!!

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A power struggle between anonymous screen names. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Beekman noted our staff was like a real family… it is (father/ son) … LOL.

(Munzell Milluns) #100

That plays well with parents when you’re thinking of going far from home.

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PG Eric Gaines from Atlanta, GA - Has offers from Penn State, Nebraska, Georgia State and MTSU



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Sweet shot