2020 offers

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:rofl:. Well he spells “this” as ‘dis’ so maybe so.

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M. Obaseki is calss of `21


Not that it means anything, but they asked LJ Cryer who is the guy he would loved to play with… He answered: Tramon Mark… He said he has known him ever since they were kids. LJ was injured during the Nike Ebyl last week… But you never know… Plus, his dad has been liking alot of the UH stuff…


CKS sure does love point guards. I’m salivating thinking about what he can do with elite level talent at that position. This isn’t a knock on Galen or Corey. Those guys worked their way into being very good players. But with the recent winning and locking up our coach, we finally have the pieces in place to land 4 and 5 star talent and I’m very excited to see what CKS can do with that kind of talent.

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CKS has always had good guards on all his teams.



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Kind of curious. Have no clue how it works. We have 10 offers in 2020 going out to point guards (including the recent commit). Is it an understanding with some of these guards that we have limited spots for a position and when that is filled, we allow them to still show an offer but it’s understood there is no more standing offer?

Kinda feel like with over half of those guys, if they told Sampson they want to commit, he may say “we’re good” or tell them they can be on stand by and we will let them know closer to the signing date.


i wouldnt say “they” have an understanding or that sampson would tell them they cant commit…if he gave them an offer while actively recruiting them…almost all will be “commit-able”…we are recruiting a ton of other players, the ones on standby are the ones without formal offers…like valentine…we are recruiting him, but haven’t given him an offer yet

at this point the majority of them are just worried about collecting offers …for most of these guys we will fall out of their top schools before we run out of scholarships…

for those who are still considering us when we are out of ships…the majority of their offers essentially become null (some before that)…the elite few can commit whenever even if full and “room” will be “made” for them if we are out of ships …(i believe cryer and peavy will have that kind of treatment)



You had me at 6’11".

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sorry … that doesn’t add up … you can’t send out 10 offers to one position and then call then say there is no possibility of refusal … if 2 point guards commit … no way sampson accepts a third unless one of the previous 2 agree to walk on or decommit


you removed the second part i wrote about that the majority of them expire if we are out of scholarships

your premise was that if some of them (assuming the less desirable ones) tried to commit sampson might tell them to hold on or that they cant commit…
my point was that we wouldnt have offered them if they didnt have the ability to commit

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It’s late and either your reading comprehension is bad or my ability to convey my point is not coming through in what I wrote. My thought had nothing to do with being out of scholarships. It has to do with a coach not using 3 scholarships out of 4 or more available on one position. If a coach gets a commit from his 5th highest target and his 2nd highest target (in basketball) at the same position, he isn’t going to accept a commit from his 9th highest target even if he has 3 more ships available unless he is certain one of the three commits can play affectively at another position but he also isn’t going to contact all of the recruits and say, “your offer has expired, please contact the recruiting services and have them remove our offer.”


i was responding to this part

Kinda feel like with over half of those guys, if they told Sampson they want to commit, he may say “we’re good” or tell them they can be on stand by and we will let them know closer to the signing date.

as far as the position thing…we legitimately started 3 point guards, and 2 power forwards the season before last …im pretty sure sampon recruits “guards” and “bigs”… and then moves then around when they get here

in guard variety he prefers them as pg prior to UH (or PGs have the traits he is looking for), in the big variety he prefers them as power forwards …those 2 positions make the up the overwhelming majority of our offers the last 3 years


after missing out on all our transfer targets looks like we are back tracking to smith lol

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We should put a full court press to try to sign him!!!


Not entirely sure about the level of competition in that video, but I’ll take 6’11" all day every day.

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We have a lot of irons in the fire and it has to be a very tricky slope managing all the ships and which ones to hold vs which ones to jump on immediately. I am not sure how I would handle it but then again I do not have 40 years coaching experience like Sampson does. I would not bet we have missed out on anything with the targets who are showing us interest. I am pretty sure we walk away with two pretty good ones and maybe two great ones.

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Its a problem I’m not used to us having.