2020 offers

Brian Snow(247sports)added the 2nd crystal ball prediction for Jamal Shead to Houston. Looks like we are in good shape with him.

Ayeee… I’m all in on Shead if he wants to come here. His stock is going up. Top 50 player nationally when it’s all said and done.

@Progs as much as I like Cryer, Shead seems to be a perfect fit for the program. Like a Galen Robinson 2.0

Yeah, i’m souring a bit on Cryer with his injured history. He hasn’t played at the AAU level in quite some time. Shead is a legit 6-1 with tremendous burst and elite defense.

we seem to be on nick farrar hard…says he want to go high major, we are his only high major offer…
says the 2 teams recruting him the hardest are houston and Rhode island

doesn’t look like he is committing for a while and still trying to get offers, but if he doesnt pick up big offers by the end of summer he is most likely going to commit here


3* PF Eduardo Andre from Dallas (just moved from London) - Has offers from Auburn, UTSA, and Mississippi State

Don’t have a tweet since he doesn’t have twitter, but VerbalCommits.com and Rivals.com are reporting that he has an offer from us.



Aku on visit today


Prayers :pray::pray::pray:

Our Clint Capela


Please be better than Clint. Have a shot near Basket at least! A Mark Gasol, please…

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Please shoot better than 50% FT


Clint is pretty darn good around the basket and a solid hook. We will be quite fortunate to get a center with those skills.

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You put Clint on another team without the lobs and he is trash

Thats why the Rockets are shopping him. Capela absolutely is a no show when the playoffs start and he faces good competition.

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Here we go. A thread about 2020 offers made by the Coogs has turned into a Clint Capela bash fest. Good job, everyone.


cry me a river

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Cry me a knock down 3 pt shooter.

Weirdo :roll_eyes:

Weirder weirdo! :grin:

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Nonsense. Capela has out played centers considered to be tops in the league for playoff series. He struggled against GS, but really never seemed quite the same as before his injury when he was as good as an center in the league.