2020 scheduled tourney

(Eric) #1


EASILY THE BEST FIELD weve been part off…

but thats based on how they were this season, none of them are traditional powers. i hope they all remain good for atleast 2 more seasons till we play lol

(Ben B) #3

All of those are traditionally strong, though not elite. Playing them on neutral floor should be great for our NET rating and increase Q1 and Q2 games.


Agree. This good. FSU and Tenn both lose a lot tbis year and next but they are recruiting well. 2019 classes are #15 FSU, #30 Tenn.

(Mike Higdon) #5

Its a lot better than Alabama A&M, Coppin State, and UT Rio Grande.


(Dan) #7

6 hours from my house, great city. Nice.


Outside of the Maui invitational 18 years ago, this is the best tournament I recall the team ever being in. Should give them some nice shots at quality wins on the neutral court.