2020 Season Outlook

There is not much talk about the season coming up. I am just as guilty as the past couple of seasons have just not grabbed my attention and other work and personal requirements have limited my attendance at games.

What does this team look like on paper? I know we are picked to be 2nd in the conference. But is that more because the conference is down versus us being really good. We generally have good pitching but do we have the shutdown fireballer for Friday night? Do we have a closer that will get the job done and have scouts at the ballpark.

Hitting has been a sore spot the last couple of years. Do we think we will see improvement here? Are we a singles/stealing team or do we have some power hitters to put fear in the opposing pitchers. For the first time in a while, I have no clue about the team.

From what I can tell, the staff has kept a bunch of arms ready to go and added some top juco hitters. If they hit as expected, I think were in for a treat.


So my two rubles worth is that the big question is the infield. We lost the corners (which included valuable hitting in Triolo and especially Joe Davis - but which were not the strongest defensive players at their respective positions). 2B and SS were a freshmen (Burckel/2b) and a transfer originally from Canada. I understand that both return and we can hope they will take a step up from last year.
I have seen nothing that indicates who the opening day starters will be on the infield. If anyone has some information I would appreciate seeing it.
I agree that based on last year and the returning pitchers - the mound looks solid - but hope flowers every spring.


I’ll take stab at the infield. Ryan Hernandez at 3rd, Kobe Hyland at short and Brad Burckel at 2nd. I have no idea at 1st. If any of them falter, get injured or need a rest, I think you’ll see either Almendarez or Dathe. Almendarez’s glove has been better but Dathe’s bat has been better.

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Thanks! We are just a couple of days from finding out - I await with great interest.

I’ll go with:
C - Kyle Lovelace
1st - Lael Lockhart (Bryson Hill)
2nd - Brad Berckel
3rd - Ryan Hernandez
SS - Kobe Hyland

OF - Jonathan Thomas
OF - Steven Rivas
OF - Brett Cain

P - Lael Lockhart
P - Clay Aguilar
P - Carter Henry (Isaiah Blaylock)

Also Quality Position Players when needed and
Also Quality Pitchers Coming out of the Bullpen!!!

Exciting Year ahead and it ALL STARTS FRIDAY!!! #GoCoogsBB2020

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Interesting - let me begin with my apologies to his family - but I have a peculiar sense of humour - I would guess that Tyler Beahamsandwich - (yes, I know - I do hope no offense taken - I mean none) but Bielamowicz returns and I would guess he is a weekend starter. Also, too, I am interested to see if Pettite the younger may move into the rotation - last year he seemed to be close - only to get injured. I assume you are penciling in Derrick Cherry as the DH.

Cherry Bomb is the real deal…kid can flat out play. Have seen bunch of JUCO ball already, the game is in great shape

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Unfortunately Cherry is injured again - dislocated and fractured kneecap. Hopefully he’s back in a month or so. He is an unbelievable talent, just have to get him healthy.

Dang, hate to hear that.

Really excited about a couple of the JC arms, Nick Rupp and Robert Gasser probably the most. Gasser put up absurd numbers in Cali JC ball last year. Gasser’s K/9 numbers have been great since he got to college (especially for a starter) but the walk rate isn’t amazing. Rupp was also one of the best pitchers for a College of Southern Nevada program that’s always among the elite at that level.

Brett Cain and Steve Rivas really intrigue me the most out of the position players. Rivas was also at College of Southern Nevada.