2021 AAC Nonconference Schedule Pretty Competitive

Although our 2021 FB schedule looks pretty weak, a quick glance at the AAC non-conference schedule looks decent for most of our members. Cincy plays the Fighting Irish on Oct. 2 and Indiana on Sept. 18. UCF is hosting Boise State on Sept. 4 and play at Louisville in week three. Tulane will play Oklahoma and Ole Miss in the season’s first three weeks, while Tulsa will play Oklahoma State and Ohio State in the same time span. Memphis plays Miss State, ECU plays South Carolina, SMU takes on TCU, and USF has NC State, Florida, and BYU on the schedule.

A great opportunity to boost the conference’s profile and if we can defeat our conference opponents should be an interesting season!

Let’s just try and do the conference a solid and not lose any OOC games this year.

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Of course there is the chance that the AAC loses ALL of those games.


Tulsa is due for a win

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I think they should stop scheduling P5s. They havent beaten a single P5 team since the start of the playoff era but they have a pretty respectable record against other G5 conferences. 3-1 or 4-0 on a light schedule looks better than 1-3 or 0-4 on a more difficult one.

Difficult to say, but I’m confident that Cincy beats one of their two opponents listed above. Both UCF and Boise State have new HCs so difficult to say. USF definitely has a tough OOC schedule. Honestly, Tulsa surprised me last season with their competitiveness, both in the AAC championship as well as their bowl game against Miss State. And I could see SMU giving TCU a tough game as well. Just seems that folks on this board are often looking at the next best thing, disparaging our conference, but the way I see it teams in the American are doing a good job lining up nonconference opponents.


Don’t disagree. Just that it is possible that since most of those games will be on the road. losing them all is possible.

I have no problems with some of the scheduling, but I have never agreed with playing teams only at their place.

If they do not give return games, piss on them.

Not sure how many that applies to in these cases.

I don’t know, but I doubt Notre Dame will be playing at Cincy or Ohio State will be playing at Tulsa, though they may get Okie State.

Oklahoma is playing Tulane in New Orleans – at Yulman Stadium – not the Superdome. I wonder how Tulane swung that. Of course there are some people in New Orleans who are great negotiators and make offers people just can’t refuse. I’m not saying Tulane employed their help, just wondering how Tulane swung that. :smile:


I don’t mind if they keep playing OU and OK St. They even have those schools coming to play at their stadium. Playing a game like Ohio St is just stupid though.

I agree with you about Oklahoma playing at Tulane home field. Sure it is an easy win, but still surprises me.

Maybe we eventually find out.

You left off our games that prop up the conference like Texas Tech and UConn.

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Need that person in the room when NRG calls lol

But the dome will be under renovations maybe that was the only option

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