2021 Advocare Texas Kickoff

Any rumors going round?

I noticed they have no 2021 matchup set…and per FBSSchedules.com UH still has only 3 non-conf games agreed to (just 1 at home) with no game scheduled the first week of September.

What big name teams still need a non-conf game for 2021?

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TCU also has no game scheduled for Week 1 of 2021…

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I want nothing to do with the advocare kickoff. This year’s event took away our homefield advantage.


For 2021, we already have games scheduled at Rice on 9/11, home against Texas Tech 9/18, and at Vanderbilt 10/2. Would you rather play Southern at TDECU on 9/4, or play TCU at NRG in the Advocare game?


I understand your concern and I agree we should not have moved this years game. WSU was never going to bring enough excitement as a matchup for our on the fence fans or their own to justify the move.

Some other teams though…I would do it for. OU in a heartbeat for instance.

And as tccoog10 proposes…“Southern at TDECU on 9/4, or play TCU at NRG in the Advocare game”…I’d take the latter. It also keeps two non-Houston teams out of our backyard that weekend.

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Exactly. We had a home and home already done with WSU, and agreed to move it just to help out NRG and fill an empty “Advocare Kickoff” spot. I didn’t agree with that move at all, probably my biggest gripe of Pez’s tenure as AD so far.

But we don’t have anything set up with TCU right now, and if playing in the Advocare game gets us another game against an in-state P5, I’m for it.


Our home game against Boise State was set for week 1 in 2021 before it was moved back. I’d be willing to bet that UH-Boise was going to be the 2021 game at NRG.


True. The Matchup would make a difference.

Remind me…why was that moved again?

We would have been playing at 11am had the Wazzau game not been moved. I don’t know about the rest of you but a 11am kickoff in September doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

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It’s a double edged sword. Losing a home game stinks. But it’s annoying if year after year LSU is playing USC or something like that with buzz in our backyard. Also it promotes goodwill with the Texans, who let us use their bubble before the IPF and have had our coaches (not just HC) out to practice, there’s a million ways they can help us. I’m in favor of it in years that we’re good and don’t need an extra home game but that’s hard to time.

I’ll say this too the NRG games seem very second rate compared to what Jerry World gets. They’ve had Buckeye, Bama, USC, big names in recent years.

We aren’t the flavor of the month anymore. UCF is, which is why Boise is now playing UCF in Orlando to begin the 2021 season. Our home game with Boise was pushed back to 2025, allegedly at the behest of ESPN. We still go to Boise in 2024 as originally scheduled.

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Please stop moving our scheduled home game to NRG!!! If it just 1 game series against TCU at NRG for Advocare Kickoff, I’m all for that. But moving Boise game to NRG is the same chit as moving WSU game. None of our future OOC opponents worth moving the game to NRG.


As if TCU will play us…

This thread isn’t about moving a game we already have. It’s about getting one we don’t have.


Florida St appears to need a game…road game no less.


Alabama has Mercer as a TBA but already has New Mex St as their annual November bye week game. (takes hit off bong) Maybe could convince them to move that and…

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Plus I believe we make more money from it being in NRG.

And 11:00 am in September would have killed Washington State. I firmly believe moving that game to NRG cost us a win. It possibly cost us the season and D’Eriq King’s senior season as well.


Florida St. doesn’t play road games.

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