2021 American Conference Outdoor Track Championships

Should be a blood bath win for our guys. We have the top 6 100m runners, 7 of the top 9 200m runners, and our field events are the strongest ever with 3 pole vaulters who should score and a couple throwers who should score.

The women look to take back the title. Cincinnati and Wichita (2019 champs) are the main opponents. Our throwers there will be the (not so) secret weapon which I think gets it done added with our sprint/relay points.


Early lead for the women going 1-2 in the hammer throw! Marhofer is about to score some points for the men too.

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First time I’ve seen Maswanganyi run. Impressive


He’s the real deal. Going to get nothing but better under Lewis and Burrell. Only a freshman.


H-Town throw city? Now should be qualified for regionals as well with that throw.

Always funny to see the standings early. 74 points back! The 100 and 200 alone will make that up. Slightly worried though as Wichita just got 4 guys into the 800 final.


I’m thinking we get at least 6 in the 100 finals as well. Would go a long way in winning another conference title.

Tristan Gibbons won the shot on his final throw, a PR


Officially worried about Wichita. They have big points in the 800 and high jump coming too, 1500 as well. The triple jump will be important as we have 4 guys and they have 3. Really need Dayo and DJ to go 1-2 in the 110 hurdles. We are head to head with Wichita in the 400 hurdles too. The 100, 200, 4x100, 4x400 should give us between 80-96 points with Wichita getting only 6-14 from those.

The women are looking good to take the title with the sprint and relay points to come.


Good analysis. I was more concerned about the women’s side originally, but the men’s is going to be a lot closer than I thought.

7 men to the finals in the 100 1 Wichita with 8th best time

3 Coogs to final in 400. 1 Wich in middle of pack.

2 Coogs in 110h (1 and 3). 3 wich


Can’t wait for these finals.

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The problem is that Wichita focuses on a few events that no other schools in the conference even sent athletes for. There were only 10 athletes in the javelin and 8 were from Wichita. The decathlon only had 7 and 5 were from Wichita. There was literally a free point for any program who entered somebody for the decathlon.

Its frustrating because we earned those 7 in the finals for the 100/200 with ~20 athlete fields and having 3-4 guys qualified for regionals (top 48 nationally) with a couple more knocking on that door. Wichita has no body going to regionals for javelin and has the #48 in decathlon so he may or may not make it. Part of the problem is we are set up to compete nationally and they are focused on the conference. But these other schools need to get some dang javelin throwers too! lol. End rant.


But it was a good rant! :sunglasses:

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Wasn’t Will Blackburn a Javelin guy?

Won’t Shaun also do some jumps in the future?

I haven’t heard anything definite but he usually jumps in national competitions back home. I’m trying to remember the last big time sprinter we had who did the long jump. I think Cam did his freshman year then stopped. I know its usually the taller sprinters who are better jumpers and we haven’t had many like that, but seems weird we haven’t had a combo guy in a while.

Btw, I wonder how long Shaun is in school. He will already be an Olympian and if he breaks 10 along with that there will be some good money waiting for him.

Nora Money wins the discuss on her last throw.

Women break a conference record in the 4x100.

Men about to start. Announcers note that the UH men’s 4x100 have run the second fastest time in the world so far this year.

Edit: Men win and run the only sub 40 4x100, but about a second and a half off what they were shooting for.


Great interview. Well deserved, hard work pays off!


Most noticeable so far is how many more people were in the stands when meet was held in Houston a few years ago

1-2 in the M 110H. Big!

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