2021 Hot seat rankings

Herman was #1 and Sumlin was also Top 10 before they were both let go.

Holgorsen is #9, Helton is #3, Spavital is #15 and Dimel is #14.

Harbaugh is currently #1 even though he just signed an extension at Michigan.

I don’t understand the Michigan contract extension with Harbaugh. He’s a 100% Michigan guy, but he can’t compete with Ohio State, and Michigan has had some embarrassing losses on his watch. It also looks like other schools have caught up to Michigan in terms of recruiting. If Michigan was REALLY smart it would offer Luke Fickell and give him anything he wants.

In comparing Harbaugh’s new extension to CDH contract, Harbaugh’s extension is 4 million guarantee which is similar to CDH’s. ( without bonuses).

The buyout is lower too.Harbaugh gets 4 million if he is canned at the end of this year compared to CDH’s 5 million.

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It is not that simple. I have realized that for a coach to be successful in a school it is not a simple matrix of hiring a coach who is successful in one school will automatically translate into immediate success in another school. The names in that hot list are many very successful coaches starting with Harbaugh. Harbaugh did a phenomenal job at Stanford. Took 49ers to the championship game. So undoubtedly he is a very good coach but did not work at Michigan. Chip Kelly another great coach at Oregon has not worked at UCLA yet, Fuentes did an excellent job at Memphis has not achieved success in Vtech and I can go on and on.

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Michigan cut Harbaugh’s base salary in half and reduced his buyout in his extension. He’s got one year to turn it around.

Do they just pick random names out a hat ? Some of those listed are no even remotely warm ie: Spav

Lets take up a collection for CDH’s buyout then we can all commit to pay a share of the next coaches salary. That way we are invested in the coaching job and have moire say in play calling and recruiting.

Once I get the “Go fund me” set up I will let all the “we need a new coach” crowd know where to send money.


Although I am disappointed with our won/loss record at this point, it is reckless to discuss replacing Coach Holgerson now. Changing coaches every 3 years is not the answer. Give it some time!


I could be wrong but I think Fickell would rather die than coach Barfigan.

My post was dripping of sarcasm. I am a CDH fan and will be as long as he is our coach.

I dont get the fans that complain about players by name and our coach. We all wish we would go 12-0 every year. Complaining doesnt get us there any faster.

While I enjoy this site for the updates and information about our team, the whiners and complainers not so much.


That is not supposed to be allowed on this site


How can Dimel be on the hot seat at UTEP, at least they are winning a few games!

I believe it has always been personal verbal attacks against players get you in trouble, eg “player” is stupid and didn’t make grades.

I think it is okay to criticize the performance of a player. The RB didn’t have a good game, had trouble seeing the hole, struggles with the speed of the game vs the RB must be blind if he can’t see the holes opening up, my grandma can run faster than him, or the guy is a bum and needs to be benched.

My thinking is Fickell wanted the Ohio State job BAD and as I recall OSU has passed on him twice. Do you think he went to Cincy by accident? Methinks he got that job so he could recruit kids right under OSU’s nose and he’s getting them. Fickell might go to Michigan just to try to beat OSU. Besides, if he goes to UM, he won’t be in UH’s conference. Fickell is a great coach.


He’s 5-19 in 2 years. That can’t go on too long.


If Fickell wanted in the B1G he could have done it when Michigan State had an opening. He is on the verge of building something special at Cincinnati. Hopefully he is smart enough to stay there and do it.

He turned down the interview. That place is a dumpster fire of a program all around. All the gymnastic raping and football raping. Not a good move for the internal environment. You could also say it is the second tier of big ten now. I think it is naive to think Cincinnati is the end game for him. I personally cannot wait for him to move on so they might suck one day. Seriously, they put spaghetti in their chili!!!

Thats pretty much the story of the AAC so far. None of the football coaches stay and continue building. Fickell will move on when a spot he like opens.

I doubt that OSU is unhappy with Ryan Day who is only 41. If he is waiting on OSU, he may have a long wait unless Day wants to coach in the NFL.

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