2021 NCAA Track & Field Championships

Should be a fun one this year. We are looking at multiple events we can score in and win. A top 10 team finish is very likely, outside chance at top 3.


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Here is the prediction/possibility post. This is Flotrack’s team totals for the men, just based off best legal times. I broke down how they got those points. Then I put the best (realistic) case for the Coogs, then my (probably terrible) predictions. A reminder, we had 40 points in 2019 and 35 in 2018 when we finished 3rd overall both years. 18 points in 2017 which was 11th.


100m – Shaun (2nd)

200m – Shaun (5th)

4x100 – 1st

Total Points: 22

Best case scenario for men:

100m – Shaun (1st), Collins (5th)

200m – Shaun (1st)

110m hurdles – Dayo (5th)

400m hurdles – Jordan (6th)

4x100 – 1st

Pole Vault – Ruiz (6th), Sampy (8th)

Total points: 45 - 2nd or 3rd

My Predictions:

100m – Shaun (1st)

200m – Shaun (2nd)

110m hurdles – Dayo (7th)

400m hurdles – Jordan (7th)

4x100 – 1st

Pole Vault – Ruiz (8th)

Total Points: 33 - 3rd-5th


Sorry for not much focus on the women, Flotrack shows the 4x100 as 3rd place and Bethel as 8th in the 200m. I think Bethel has a very good shot of making the 100m finals and scoring points. Martin is another in the hammer throw right outside the top 8.

A top 10 team finish is possible.


Thanks for putting this together, very helpful. Can’t wait!

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Thanks, FWC!

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Good stuff. Go Coogs!

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We get track and field tomorrow!!!

They are kicking it off strong with relays.


Track day! Just in case anybody was confused like I was for a minute, 4x100 starts at 7:02 central. I saw 5:02 but then the broadcast starting at 8pm. Good job by the NCAA mixing in two time zones on their website to keep us on our toes. First hour tonight on ESPNU then moves over to ESPN2.

Btw, a lot of great pics on the UH T&F Instagram and Twitter. Somebody needs to show them how to connect the IG posts to the Facebook page which hasn’t had a post in 10 days.


Checked out the heat sheets. 4x100 is a tough group with LSU and Georgia, only heat with 3 squads under 39 seconds. For the 100m, they put Shaun and Laird (LSU - 9.8w) in the same heat so that one is going to be fast, I like Collins chances a little better seeing his group. Dayo got a tough draw on paper in the 110 hurdles. In the 200, Shaun and Collins in the same heat, Hamberlin got a tough group, Booker has a chance.

Decathlon is about to start on ESPN3. Cincinnati has somebody in that if anybody want to cheer on the conference.

Start Lists/Results: https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/Outdoor/2021/index.htm


Tough couple of days coming up, not much rest time between the sprints and relays. Survival of the fittest. Especially for those doubling and tripling.

It’s on. Go Coogs!

And advance to the finals 4x100

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Did what we needed to do! Not the greatest first pass so room to go faster in the final.

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I thought FSU passed out of zone on anchor leg. We’ll see

Looked like it, could help our point total if true.

Shaun tried to test Laird but conserved energy for later. So with him easing up and the rough pass, there’s definitely room for improvement. Like from 3rd to 1st.


All of our passes will need to be better

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Yes….100 in less than an hour.

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The rain will be interesting. Sampy clears his first jump in the pole vault.

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Hmmm, rain forecast for Friday. Didn’t we win or set a record in the rain in Oregon a couple years ago?

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