2021 offers

…You mean CKS.

Yes, unless CKS wants advice from CDH.

The waiver is for all Fall sports. Basketball is a Winter sport.

“All fall sport student-athletes will receive both and additional year of eligibility and an additional year in which to complete it,” the NCAA said in a release. “Student-athletes who do not enroll full time during the 2020 fall term have flexibility in the progress-toward-degree requirements that must be met for eligibility in future terms.”

Granting an extra year of eligibility could bring plenty of complications for schools, however. The NCAA’s announcement said seniors student-athletes who take advantage of the additional year of eligibility will not count against team scholarship limits in 2021-22. But even with temporarily-expanded scholarship limits, athletic departments dealing with significant budget shortfalls may not be in position to spend more on athletic scholarships.

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Davis should’ve left after his Freshman year when his stock was the highest. He wasn’t ready but he could only go down from there.

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If we can run Tyson out there 5 min each half or just one half it is 5 less minutes someone else has to cover.
To me that is an asset if there is no let down from the team even if his stat line reads 3 points 1 rebd.

Nah you’re hating. At least I’ve seen Tune played to give a fair assessment. Tyson hasn’t even played one official minute at UH.

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I am not hating I like Tyson

That is just the way Jop thinks. Always thinks a team needs all stars at every position and those not in the rotation don’t have value

Wouldn’t shock me if Michael Thomas decides to workout and just plays this season at Kilgore and then declare for the NBA draft… Crazier things have happened

6-11 F/C Carlos Curry (Northwest Mississippi CC)

So, using my Coog-colored lenses, Curry is actually 6’7". :smiley:

I can only imagine what type of beast this guy could become after Coach Bishop gets him in the weight room.


I like this joke lol

Looks raw, especially his touch around the rim (unless he’s dunking), but there’s obviously plenty there for this staff to work with.

I think we could get a better feel for his height if we could get him in a picture with Brison Gresham and Justin Gorham. This is in fact the definitive method used on coogfans for figuring players’ heights.


scientifically proven…just saying


Prediction: UH will make it to the sweet 16 this year. Caleb Mills will win AAC MVP and declare for the 2021 Draft. Grimes will average 15.7 ppg, 3 assists; Jarreau will average 14.9 ppg, 1.7 blks, 2 steals, 4 assists; and Sasser will average 40% from 3.


I predict we make it to at least elite 8. Final Four next year.

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Is that you…Cory ?


Mills declare for the draft… Woah

No haha but I just found out about this chat and I am so happy because I love UH basketball more than any other sports team in Houston. I chose the username because Corey was really a GOAT for us.


If he has a breakout year, I do not see how anyone convinces him to stay. Players have been declaring so much sooner these last few years. Look at Hinton for example.

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