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If Mills has an AAC Player of the Year winning season, there’s a good chance he declares afterwards.

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If this happens the loss of Michael Thomas stings more…

I doubt if Mills goes pro after this year but I guess it could happen. Regardless we have guys ready to step up

Not too concerned about some guy named Michael Thomas.
He won’t be a Cougar but we will have a player who will play and likely be really good.


I don’t know guys.

I see Quentin as All-AAC MVP and getting drafted Next year over Mills being All-AAC MVP (and I’m a huge mills fan-the biggest)

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I would agree. I think Mills would perform like that during the following season, when he is a junior.

I didn’t think Armoni would go pro. I didn’t think Hinton would go pro. I’m not going to be surprised by anyone going pro anymore.


Woah taking shots already, eh. Keep that same energy for football :football:

I wouldn’t either because the kids see the money. To me Mills doesn’t have the frame to take the beatings at the NBA level.
But like others nothing would surprise me at this point

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I was thinking the same thing about Mills. After another two years he could be a valuable spot player in the NBA, but his frame and musculature are not ideal for NBA contact. The Clippers and Rockets both broke down physically this week with much bigger athletes…

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Mills was a freshman last year. He’s going to thicken up somewhat. I’m sure he’s still growing in many ways.

That being said, I can’t see him leaving after his second year. But who knows?

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Thank you.

6’4 and 175 lbs is better than 6’3 160 like last season


Mills reminds me a lot of Reggie Millers frame and he held up okay in the NBA. I think he will continue to grow into his body.

Allen Iverson held up pretty well…considering he flopped to the floor on every drive to the basket. And he was (currently) four inches shorter than Caleb.

AI is AI lol

Think Reggie miller was 6’7 though and his range and accuracy are not comparable to mills.

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I agree with all of the above. Caleb is a growing youngster with the world in front of him. Those NBA guys are fully grown athletes. I hope Caleb is all pro when he is 23 or so…

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Shawn Livingston is 6’7", 192 lbs and not a range shooter. His career certainly wasn’t injury free, but he did play for 15 years. It can be done.


Someone was making the comparison of Reggie Miller and Caleb Mills.

In response to you, Reggie is HOF, Livingston is not.

I don’t understand comparing a 6th man in college basically to a HOF nba legend.


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