2021 offers

I don’t think anyone is comparing in terms of greatness. Just body type and build. At least that’s the way I understood the conversation. I could be wrong.


What kind of contributions are yall expecting from T. Mark this season? Sasser is going to ball out this year!

From T Mark 10-12 pts/game , 20-25 minutes playing time a game

Mark- A mix of dejon 2018/19 and mills 19/2020 off the bench.

The best of both in terms of scoring, assists, rebounds and defense.

Freshman AAC team.

Don’t see him taking any starters spot unless someone gets hurt.

Sasser is coming in with an attitude. We will see noticeable improvement from 3 and defense will be very aggressive. I expect lots of fouls and steals.

I don’t have any expectations on numbers because there are too many variables.
I expect him to be a threat to score and given our culture to become a better defender and rebounder than he even thought he would be as the season progresses

Now that I think about it, this team can be a Final Four team. Very athletic and talented.

Well… this would be the year to have such high expectations.

3 seniors and a junior projected to go in the 2nd round in our starting 5.

Our foundation is defense, rebounding and speed.

That’s an awesome recipe for a deep run.

I’d be happy with an elite 8 app and a conf championship. That’s my projection.


2 Crystal ball picks for Javier Francis to UH including Brian Snow at a High-9.

Brian Snow is usually on top of this. Interesting. It seemed like we were prioritizing other guys. That’s what makes Sampson recruiting so fun. You never know where our next commit may come from.

You’re definitely right with that. Its always a mystery what’s happening on the recruiting side of things. I still hope they are prioritizing Aidoo.

Ja’vier Francis is comfortable in the post and is a good rebounder, dunker and blocks. His game reminds me of Nura Zanna but more polished and 2 inches taller.

Boom there it is


I doubt it. Sampson usually knows if a recruit is possibly coming here. If we bring another player it will probably be a guard.

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Nice boom.

Hope we still go after the 6’11 kid from N.C.

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Francis is a big-time get. And going to be put in the national spotlight now that he is at Montverde. One of the reasons why I thought we were prioritizing other guys. I thought we lost him when he made that move.


Big ups to Galen for another assist lol


Yep he just got an offer from Washington st yesterday so he probably was going to start getting a lot more offers. Playing at Montverde should take his game to another level.

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“Francis is the No. 22 center and No. 127 overall prospect for the class of 2021, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings. He had offers from DePaul, SMU, Washington State…”

Was about to get a lot more. And he still might. Although, it is unusual in basketball once a guy commits somewhere.

Looks like this is set for a good run

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