2021 Opponent - Rice

An extra home game is the way I view playing Rice at their place.

It’s always fun seeing both of the Rice Football fans at the game. If the band is anything like it was back in the late '60’s, sit close to them and enjoy the odor of alcohol . . . . .

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The MOB’s schtick got old 30 years ago. You can’t keep doing the same sophomoric jokes every year and expect people to think it is entertaining. Well, maybe it is for the South Main Nerds, but it bores the hell out of me.


Their act is a bad cover for being crappy musicians and marchers.


A good amount of the mob members aren’t current students. Just randoms who consider themselves satirists. They are Monty Python meets Blues Brothers meets Benny Hill, with all the slapstick and none of the talent.


I make it a point to leave my seats when the rice mob takes the field at the half.

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they’re good for a few shows every now and then as they were better when they play schools from the SWC as they’ve tend to be a little more bolder. Unfortunately, their act doesn’t go over well in a league where no one really has connections and rarely travels

Underdog Dynasty talking about Rice.

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