21-22 season

Begins today. Time for end of season coaches - player meeting where Sampson will tell each player what he truly believed their role is next season. Alvin Brooks heads to Lamar to begin his next chapter snd we begin the process of replacing him on our staff.

And of course the process of filling our two currently open ships which could greatly impact a conference championship to dancing to going deep. No rest for the weary.

I’m excited because Coach Sampson sounds genuinely excited about our future. I know Coach Sampson will give these last few years all he has to win a championship and turn this program over to Kellen in
Great position.

And I know Kellen will work his tail off to help his Dad go out on top. Hit that portal today full speed. Recruiting is like shaving., you miss a day you look like a bum.


Love the shaving/recruiting metaphor, :smile:


100% agreed. Now that we’ve been to Final 4, CKS knows what it take to win the whole darn thing. It’s no longer just being there anymore. As much as we hate players leaving, I believe we will have more 2-3 players entering the portal. I don’t know who but I believe our rosters will needed to be upgrade big time if we’re gonna make a run for another Final 4 next year or 2023.

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I resemble that remark!!

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Larry while in Vegas for Easter weekend I went to a bar in the New York New York casino. And they had PBR on tap!

In 7 years Sampson has taken a train wreck and turned it into a Final program. If he coaches another 7 years I definitely think he will retire with at least one national championship.


With Nate leaving, Harris graduating and Fabian getting injured…I just could not see this team going further than the sweet 16. Add to that , the Mills guy bailing, no way.

But from the start of the season, Grimes and Gorham really impressed and were so much further along than they showed the previous year. Jarreaux was as good as always. I still thought sweet 16 was the upper limit.

Glad I was wrong !!

We do need to get better offensively. We will see what the 21-22 season brings.

That is what I like about college sports…and not pro sports !!


Sounds like a happening place!!!


So do we have any scheduling tidbits for non conference? We are playing in Hawaii or no?

We are definitely playing in Maui so that is 3 of our games. The rest is tough to say as we don’t know what reshuffling will happen after last year. We have Alabama and LSU under contract and Oregon as that tweet says but Oregon is in Maui too so am sure that road game will get pushed out.

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Or we go to Oregon on the way to Hawaii. Lots of teams heading to Maui stop on the west coast for a game. There’d be worse things than playing the Ducks twice!

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When do we play in Hawaii?

Thanksgiving week. Mon–Wed.

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Thank you Jess22! I’ve been banking some pretty good miles on my CC and Hawaii is on my bucket list. Win Win!

Go Coogs!!!


My wife and I would like to go n discussed quite a bit but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. The calendar part fits just need to wait to see who we get as our 2 transfers :joy::rofl::grin:


Dare I say ‘A challenge to the other old folks on this forum?

If we could drag a few folks over there it would be great.

Love a lot of the old cheers ( Some before our time but I would love to watch a replay and hear a crowd cheer ‘Houston’ followed by ‘Cougars’ reverberate throughout the destination.

Kind of like a ‘walk off’ for this old fart😎


I went to the Maui Invitational in 2001. It was sooo much fun. We are going to try to do it again.


Thanks for using “to” instead of “and”. The English language has been so abused over the past few decades . . . . .


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