24/7 has UH ranked #2 in AAC without UMass transfers

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With the UMass guys, UH would be #1 by a wide margin.

DeJon was a 4 star. Brison a 3 star.

(Patrick) #2

We’re technically 3rd, but 247 hasn’t moved Wichita State over yet.

Still, not bad, and they have us at #50 overall without those two. Best shape the program has been in since…Penders/Foster?

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Good catch on Wichita State. All 3 stars but a good looking class.
#1 SG in Kentucky. #3 PG & #6 SF in TN are nice pick ups.

(sarkcoog) #4

Actually back to Dickey. Dickey has the class with Thomas, the guy who transferred to A&M and some others. I believe that class was higher in the rankings. Too bad he did not know what to do with them.

(PMM) #5

Actually Thomas was in the class before House and Knowles.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

I don’t think he meant “best class” since Penders or Foster. I think he means we will have the deepest talent next year in a long time.

(Patrick) #7

Yep, sorry about the confusion.

(Brad) #8

What Penders team had deeper talent than this or next year’s roster?