247Sports' Live Transfer Portal Feed


I didn’t know there were so many transfers but 247 is keeping track of them.


Well it seems we are gaining transfers rather than losing players who want to transfer. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Patrick) #3

Yep, so far, we haven’t lost anyone.


Anyone know what it means when the from and to school are the same? Did the student apply and then change his mind? Or does he not want to transfer just yet but wants to test the free agent market?

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

I believe it means a decision to stay put.


I don’t know why this database and others show Quinton Dormady as being on our roster when he is with Central Michigan now.

(John m Bevil) #7

I cant blame the transfers. Most 18yo students change their major and schools, if your major is “football” you should be able to transfer without sitting out, especially if the coaching staff that recruited you is gone. You cannot blame these kids that get caught up in the recruiting hype and make a wrong decision.

(Bryant Hargrave) #8

Agreed, the one year sit out rule is one of the biggest crocks v of BS is college football (which is really saying something). It does nothing but punish kids for treating football like the adults do, a business or make an individual decision that’s best for him/her. How dare a kid reevaluate his one-sided contract situation?

At the very least let’s call it what it really is. A non-compete clause, for the kids that none of the adults have to deal with.