2k fans short

On the court, we are already an A list program. But not yet in fan support. We are about 2000 fans short on any given night to be the Complete marquee program. I hope we get there soon. I


Record crowd at FC
Good energy all day
Celebs in attendance

This feels like something that should’ve been posted after the Tulane game…


Any recruits in attendance to speak of particular in the '21 class.

The student section behind the Cougar Band is consistently empty. That’s very disappointing. The energy in the FC this afternoon was incredible, despite the empty seats. I hope we fill up the place for both Cincy and Memphis!


They just aren’t marketing to students or something. We pull well during football season, oh well, then turn them into paid seats if students don’t want to show up


There was a student tailgate today and free food. Maybe they didn’t get the word out. I don’t know.

We were tied for the lead coming in to today’s game playing against a very good WSU team. Most of us weren’t offered free food and no one knocked on our door to remind us of the game. Shame on the students but hey, the game sold out and money was made for the school. I agree with another poster, if the students don’t get their tickets two days before the game then sell them at the doors


The energy for those attending was great! However, we need UH to sponsor a student competition to develop an App. for season ticket holders to give away (to students) or sell their tickets if they can’t make the game since we have so many games that are “sold out” but still have too many no-shows for a program at our leve.


I overheard multiple times by others (people I don’t know) about the empty seats everywhere. I told some on my row, don’t worry they’ll fill in by halftime like usual… nope.

Sorry guys, I thought it was a great crowd & great game!


How many seats have been bought by brokers that do not get resold? It is, I think a problem for UH. Ticket sales wise, it is a sell out but if they do not get purchased on the secondary market, we end up with empty seats.


Hate to bring this up but lowly UT had over 12,000 at their game vs TT, but I don’t know how many TT fans were there. What is wrong with the city of Houston? 6 million people in area and we can’t fill a 7000 seat arena with butts in the seats, so frustrating


From watching that game, it sounded as though there were plenty more Tech fans than cow fans.


What’s more puzzling is we can’t get the student section full. That’s how you fill a college arena. Do kids on campus not care at all?


Bandera always “hates” to bring up the Whorns but somehow always manages to. It sounded more like a home game for Tech



And were there really 12k people there? Because I hear UH had over 7k at their game which is over 100% capacity. Funny how people will take announced attendance from other games but not from UH.


Student attendance has been a problem for many years.

That is why I suggest that the students have to claim their tickets in advance, if not, sell them at the door.

In the dark ages when I was in school (Elvin Hayes era), you better get to games early or be left out.

If they want to be left out, so be, but sell the seats…


So you want to put older alumni in the current court side student section? That would be a sight to see on tv.

The city of Houston is not obligated to support UH. That onus is on UH students and alumni. Unfortunately UH’s reputation as a “commuter” school is having a residual effect.

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No, the section behind the band should be full. There are usually 300 students at games, they get the floor seats as it is first come first serve.

Surely you witness the vast emptiness behind the band… if you were there !!