3 more bowls coming in 2020

Gives the full story on his FB page. Including:
“League Maximum bowl tie-ins
ACC 10 (not including ACC’s Orange Bowl bid)
SEC 10 (not including SEC’s Sugar Bowl bid)
Big Ten 8 (not including Big Ten’s Rose Bowl bid)
Pac-12 7 (not including Pac-12’s Rose Bowl bid)
Big 12 6 (not including Big 12’s Sugar Bowl bid)
American 7
Conference USA 7
Mid-American 6
Mountain West 6
Sun Belt 5
Army & BYU each can secure its own automatic bowl tie-in, but the remaining independents (New Mexico State, UMass and Liberty) must hope for an at-large spot from a conference that can’t fill all of its allotments in a specific year. Notre Dame remains part of the ACC’s bowl lineup.”

Ugh, more participation trophies. Bad teams get rewarded when they don’t deserve it, bad coaches get bonuses they don’t deserve. while teams claim they had a good year when they had a mediocre year.

I mean I guess it’s good that degenerate gamblers have more games to be on. But other than that this is unnecessary crap games for undeserving teams.


Well with the PAC not letting teams with less than 6-6 records go bowling, there will be opportunities for at large Sun Belt and WAC, MAC types.
Remember when going to a bowl meant something? Now, when they say that a particular team is facing 6 bowl teams, it doesn’t mean as much…

Outside of the big bowls. Its essentially a chamber or commerce / tourism event at a slow time for tourism.

They get solid ratings (mostly) at a slow time for sports & the ones without strong community / corporate funding don’t last.

I like them & watch most but understand why others don’t.

Way back in the day, Bowl games were to highlight the nice weather in Florida, Texas, New Orleans and California. That was the main purpose is to show people in the midwest and east coast that the weather is nice in January and hopefully get some to move out there.

What is Chicago going to highlight? That its freaking cold?

oh great

Why does the ACC get 10 bowl tie in and the BIG only gets 8?

In that NBC article.
“Why those numbers for the ACC, SEC, and Big Ten vary despite having the same number of conference members in each is unconfirmed.”
Its odd.

Note that the new Bowl in Chicago will be B1G vs ACC.
The end game is to have fewer or no P5 vs G5 bowl games with the exception being the NY6 Bowl game where rarely you have a 2nd place P5 vs G5. It is more often a 3rd place finisher in P5 vs G5 in the N.Y. 6 bowl.

The day of a P5 conference Champion playing a G5 in a N.Y. 6 Bowl is gone. Last time was probably Baylor vs UCF. We all know how Baylor got embarrassed.

Again the media/advertisers have spent billions over a few decade developing P5 conference Brands. Losses like Auburn to UCF or Florida St. to UH do not help the media “fake football news” people. It is hard to spin the “they did not want to be there” message when UCF is sacking the Auburn QB over and over again or the star RB of Florida St. is being held to his fewest yard in a game by the UH D. Oh, and then there is the UH Oklahoma game and Louisville game where future Heisman winners left losers to UH on national TV.

When the P5 product is supposed to be so superior to G5, it is difficult to spin the LSU loss to Troy at LSU. No P5 wanted to go play Troy in a bowl last year and none did.

Interesting side note. Syracuse scored 26 points against LSU on Sept.23. Ole Miss. and Alabama both scored 24 points against LSU at home. Troy also scored 24 points but at LSU in their win. The LSU D was stout last year as they went 9-4.

Again the media/advertisers have no desire to have P5 vs G5 in the Bowls and such match-ups will be fewer in the future.


Nice weather in Dallas ???

Better than Buffalo’s

One of the many issues I had with the SWC, was you played all year and won the conference. The prize, New Years day on the frozen Tundra…with a few 7-11’s scattered around !!


Just what everyone was clamoring for.

It should be mandatory that Miami play in the Chicago bowl every year on Jan 2.

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I imagine some bowls will disappear before these get off the ground.

I agree. It is tough to maintain a bowl when there is no one in the stands. TV money alone won’t cut it and most school lose money traveling to play in them anyway…

Wrigley Field? Isn’t that where the field couldn’t accommodate the teams and when they reached the 50 had to switch sides? Wrigley Field? The stadium that doesn’t have a roof and is close to the North Pole? That isn’t a reward, that’s a punsihment.


Interesting take, and one I like:

There’s been some talk among Group of Five administrators, if always in whispers and rarely taken seriously, about branching out and creating a championship format separate from the Power Five. That’s a ridiculous idea that would only serve to hurt non-major programs and conferences, in their wallets most of all.

But the concept has merit in one respect: As bowl games become more about programming — finding the best pairing to draw eyeballs — than matchups, shouldn’t the Group of Five examine the best way to feature its own lineup? Easier said than done, but it’s not achieved by forming a poor-man’s Playoff to serve as counter programming to the real thing.

College football already has tasked a committee with choosing the four teams for our Playoff. Why not do the same for the 35 or so non-Playoff bowl games? Work around the money issue by guaranteeing the same conference-by-conference payout. Wouldn’t a game with some stakes — a Top 25 Group of Five team against a Top 25 Power Five team, for example — draw more interest than a retread?

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Majority would be AAC teams with everyone else complaining. Making us look like the poor mans Alabama. It already feels like we are in a purgatory, sunken place, limbo no?

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Pray10. This article just supports what I stated above. The USA Today writer is correct about the boring bowl lineup which has driven myself and many others away from watching them.

But, this is not an article from ESPN/ABC/FOX/etc. nor is it from some meeting between advertisers who are spending billions on ads to prop up the P5 conferences.

Since Troy defeated LSU at LSU, Troy playing Notre Dame would have been a real Cinderella story with a proven underdog being every bit the equal of Notre Dame. After all Notre Dame defeated LSU 21-17 and Troy defeated LSU 24-21.

But the battle of the Brands is what is sold to the fans in today’s bowls, not the battle of two equal teams.Note that Notre Dame played Navy at home last year and won 21-17.

Listen to the sports media/advertisers/snicker companies. Believe in the Brands, not the obvious parity between P5 and G5.

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