3 more bowls coming in 2020


Liberty Bowl would be fine for now, but I thought we were shooting for a NY6 Bowl tie-in.

C’mon man, we’re shooting for an invite for the Big 10 but that’s also highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Add three as some others will go away…

Traditionally, bowl committees wanted to fill up hotel rooms and restaurants. Bigger fan bases make that job easier, which was why bowl committees would always take a 7-5 LSU over a 10-2 Tulane (for example).

But since the majority of these bowls are now owned by ESPN, I wonder if the same decision rule would apply. If the ultimate goal now is to produce an entertaining TV product, then the size of the traveling fan base shouldn’t be as important.

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It is great for schools like UH, USF, and SDSU. The more tie-ins the P5 leagues have the more opportunities there will be for, say, a 9-3 UH to play maybe a 7-win North Carolina or Nebraska or Arizona State in a mid-range bowl since it’s all but a given that one of the conferences won’t be able to fill its allotment. It should also create opportunities like 2016 when bowl reps were able to switch things around to get us into the Las Vegas Bowl.


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