3-star Houston LB commit Marqez Bimage locks in Texas official visit

3-star Houston LB commit Marqez Bimage locks in Texas official visit


From the article: “The 6’3, 233-pounder is arguably the most important target of the several Cougars commits offered by [former UH coach] since his hire by the Longhorns”

Wow…the Horns have slumped further than I thought. They are ranking the importance of flipping certain UH commits now? Very interesting times these are…


It is a strange time indeed.

I guess the idea is that if they are offering these guys and they don’t flip, or they flip to someone else, it may be time to panic as Herman’s exit from Houston may be truly scaring recruits from committing to him.

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TH, as we have seen, and for all his flaws, is a very, very good salesman, even being equated to the likes of “P.T. Barnum.” I think we may remember that he, while he was here, pitched recruits on the multiple championships that he and his staff had been a part of. Recruits are going to lured by this and a belief that they are going to be a part of a new winning tradition and possible championships at U.T. These potential recruits may not know or care about his ethics; they want to win. This is inevitable, I guess.

One big question for me, though, is this: how is Applewhite going to offset Herman’s (or others’) P.T. Barnum-like salesmanship? Or does he not need to care? At the very least, I hope he at least fights hard to keep each commit.

If we’re going to try to compete with UT for recruits, he better care. He should have an entire arsenal of Tom Herman lies to convince these guys Herman is a a snake and will say anything to get what he wants. Just point them to the fact that Herman spent 2 years pitching Houston-area recruits on staying home and playing for their city, telling them there was no better place to be. He was either lying then or lying now. Either way, he’s a liar and you don’t want to place your future in the hands of a known liar.

I think the best way to recruit high-star players is by using Ed Oliver as the example. Ed got to play immediately, became a star immediately, and won just about every award that was available to him–immediately. Unless something crazy happens, Ed will be an absolute legend here. He’ll be a top 5 draft pick as well. Blue chip schools will try to tell these recruits that they can’t get the proper exposure at a G5 school. Ed blew that argument out of the water. It is far more difficult to get immediate playing time at P5 schools. Come here, play immediately, be a star. There’s the pitch.


Someone interviewing for a spot on Major’s staff for recruiting? Well done…

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